Between Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys

Book Summary

Between Shades of Gray is about a girl named Lina. It is written from her point of view. Her family and her get taken from there home and put in a concentration camp. They separate her and her father and brother Jonas. Shes takes her brother from a bus on the way to the camps. She then meets a boy named Andruis. Shes very hesitant about him at first. When they are at the camps there is a Nazi soldier named Kretzsky who has a soft spot for her. As they start to "settle" in uncomfortably Lina starts to become friends with Andruis. The people there start a school. Lina finds out a secret about Andruis and gets angry. Jonas her brother then gets really sick and Kretzsky brings a doctor so help him. When they are drving other people to other camps they take Andruis along with them. It then starts to snow alot and gets way too cold for some people. Linas mom then gets really sick. After a big turning point she learns Kretzsky life story. The people at the camps are then saved by a brave soldier who stood up for them.

My Personal Review

I personally really liked this book. I read it in like two days. It keeps you really hooked and you don't want to put it down. I like that the author added a little bit of romance but really didn't go into that. She left you with suspense. It gives you chills knowing that all that in the concentration camps could have happened. The way the author portrays everything you feel like your watching a movie. I really do hope it does turn into a movie. If people ask me what book I would recommend I would defiantly say Between Shades of Gray.