Foreign Aid

Why should the U.S. cut foreign aid?

U.S. helps other countries instead of their own

Did you know that there are 32 countries in the world that receive more aid from our government than Detroit, Michigan? This shows that our government is willing to help other countries out before they help themselves. This doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't you help your own people out before you help other people out that aren't their in your country.

What the U.S. thinks they are doing by helping other countries

When the U.S. hands out money to other countries you would think they want something in the near future in return. But no they really don't seem to care about who we help and when we help them. The U.S. government seems to help the countries out that don't like us. They give money to countries so they can help their people but instead they use it to help their military instead. They take the money and keep for their personal use. I would think if our government found out about this they would shut everything down and quit giving them money.

Countries that receive the most foreign aid

The U.S. give out more money than it receives or makes.

32 countries receive more aid than Detroit, Michigan.

Our U.S. government gives aid out to 32 countries and won't even help out one of their own. Detroit, Michigan gets less aid from our government than 32 countries. This should show you they are willing to help other people out but not their own? This doesn't make sense to me. Why help people that don't give to their country out? If they would work this hard for their own country then maybe, just maybe we wouldn't be in debt as much as we are.