Digital Citizenship

How to find out if it is a scam or not?

First to see if it is a scam

* They do not refer to you as a person

Second to see if it is a scam

* It will have misspelled words in it

Digital Citizenship

* And a good digital citizen is someone who has a profile on facebook or other social media scites


* Is that you give your self a reputation on the inter net

* And that reputation can be good or bad

* That ties back to having a positive S.M.

Search Effectivly

* Look at three web sits so that you know that info is valid

* Go on to wed cites that are .org, .com, .net ex:

* Check if there is a cite link to the net

Cyber Bullying what not to do

* Don't send mean emails back to the bully

* Don't try and resolve it by your self

* Don't let your self fall into the bully's trap

Bully Awareness- The Story of a Bullied Girl

Creator's Rights

* Make sure you are the only one that can change content to the page

* Never copyright

* If you need some of it for your school work then you should talk to the teacher about it

Copyright Tutorial: Dispute Content ID Matches (Outdated)

"WHAT NOT TO DO!!!!!!!"

* Never cyber bully

* You shouldn't copyright in college or ever for that mater

* And make sure that you brand your self positivly

Digital Footprint

*A “trail” , is made of bits and pieces of information on one’s computer and other computers and servers around the world