SPS Rubik's Cube Challenge

All SPS Students

SPS Rubik's Cube Challenge Rules

Participate at any level that works for you!


*Teachers or librarians need to go to https://www.youcandothecube.com/lending-library/rubiks-cube-request-form/3x3?v=SPS19

* Teachers and librarians will use SPS20 as a return code for 2x2 or 3x3

* Trophies will be provided each semester

* Solution Guides will also be provided

*Rubik's Cubes are returned by their due date so others may join the competition


*Each school can hold their own division competition

*Winners will be declared each semester

*Each school has teams of 8 students (or less)

* 8 students try to collectively solve 25 Rubik's cubes

*Schools can have multiple teams of 8

*Students compete with 25 cubes to solve with their fastest time

*Librarians, teachers, admin, or advisors use timers to determine "best personal time"

*When not used for competition Rubik's Cubes can be used by staff and students for curriculum or just plain FUN!


* Encourage speed solving with teams of 8 students (two more can tag in and out)

* Each team will compete for their "personal best time"

* There will be a timer for each competition (librarian, staff, admin, etc.)

* Teamwork, collaboration, and resilience are the most important skills

* Each school is encouraged to take "snapshots" and share their successes as a district

* We will compete for "winners" each semester based on time

* Rubik's cubes can be used by teachers for curricular purposes at times when they are not being used for the SPS Rubik's Cube Challenge

* It will run similar to our #SPSGreatPuzzleChallenge with a website, snapshots, weekly updates, and dialogue across the district

* There will be a live competition in May in Snohomish if schools are eligible or interested in attending

SPS Rubik's Cube Challenge

Monday, Jan. 27th, 8am

Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle, WA