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April 11 -15, 2016


"Go Blue Day"

Gregg County Child Abuse Awareness Proclamation Day

On Friday, Johnston-McQueen Elementary joined with Gregg County child advocacy organizations to bring awareness to child abuse prevention. Thank you for your flexibility, leadership, and teamwork that allowed us to host such a worthy event. It is a "good thing" to be a member of the Johnston-McQueen team!
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The Week Ahead

Monday, 4-11-16
  • 10:00 - 12:00 - Denise at Kid Kountry Daycare - Meeting our future students!
  • 4:00 Campus Secretary Interview
  • TPRI this week!

Tuesday, 4-12-16

  • Third grade Math Simulation
  • 8:00 - 5th grade meets with Judson Counselor in Gym - Students need pencils and something hard to write on.
  • 8:30 - PPCD/Deaf-Ed field trip to Ecoland
  • PTA Fundraiser pick-up

Wednesday, 4-13-16

  • 10:00 Staffing meeting for Denise - ESC
  • 4th grade Math Simulation
  • 4:30 Campus Secretary Interview

Thursday, 4-14-15

  • 9:00 K-2 Major Saver Kick-off Assembly - Cafeteria
  • 9:30 3-5 Major Saver Kick-off Assembly - Cafeteria
  • ARDs - 8:15, 9:15,10:15, and 1:00 (See Staff Bulletin for detail.)
  • 11:15 - PTA Council Meeting - ESC
  • 5:30 - 7:00 - Family Math Night

Friday 4-15-16

  • End of 5th Six Weeks
  • 8:45 ARD (See Staff Bulletin for detail.)
  • 4:00 Campus Secretary Interview


April is National Poetry Month!

This often feared and sometimes poorly-understood genre can become your students' favorite. The resources below offer some great strategies for you to use with your students.

Watch the video to learn how to bring "Poetry Open Mic" to your classroom!

In my ELA classes, I used to have a Coffee House Poetry Reading every year in which we invited parents to join us and share poems, too. Kids and parents loved it. I think Poetry Open Mic would be a very simple way to engage students and make poetry more meaningful to them. The Edutopia article above has some fantastic links and additional resources.
Poetry Open Mic

Grab the freebies in the posts below from Math Coach's Corner

Have you heard of Study Jams from Scholastic? Click the button below to explore!


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Johnston-McQueen Educators Care!

How do I know that Johnston-McQueen educators care deeply about their students? I know by the words of concern and love shared with me about children who may not have stable home lives. I know by the way you welcome a special needs child with a volatile past into your protective care. I know by the sacrifice you make in your personal lives to arrive early, stay late and spend hours of time on weekends to prepare well for the week ahead. I know when you share joy in the progress of a child who struggles! I know when you never, never give up on a child. I know when our para-professionals, custodians, and cafeteria workers develop mentoring relationships with our students.

Thank you for making a powerful difference in children's lives! Thank you for caring!

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The white balloons represent Gregg County children who lost their lives last year due to child abuse. Your caring and advocacy for children save young lives!