Internet Safety!

What Second Graders Need to Know

The Internet is so cool and fun! You can use it to:

- Visit websites from all around the world

- Research interesting topics

- Play games

And much more!

But first, here are some rules for Surfing the Web:

  • Ask for permission from an adult when you want to surf the Internet.
  • Don't share personal information online (like your name, address, age, and phone number) unless an adult says it's OK.
  • Keep your password private.
  • Only visit websites that are for kids! (These are more fun anyways).

You need to be safe on the Internet just like you are in the real world.

  • Never talk to strangers on online chat rooms.
  • Tell your parents or teacher if something on the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Be careful when typing words into boxes on a webpage... have an adult check your spelling!

Watch this video to learn even more about Internet Safety!

Internet Safety for Kids K-3

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