Caribbean Communities


Who were the Caribbean

The Caribbeans are different country’s Trinidad, Jamaica and Hade, Bahamas, Daminican Republic, Cuba and lot’s more . They spoke the language of taino then spanish. Their religion was Indigenous than christianity . They came to canada from south america. They split themselves into 3 groups (western tanio, eastern taino and northern tanio).

Caribbean Immigrants

The Caribbean’s came to Canada in the 1910. Canada allowed 64,000 Caribbean's come to their country and they were all treated with the same right as everyone else. They came because to get more appertonatines and freedom. also because were they used to live there wasn’t much jobs.

Financial Living

Did you know that the jobs which the caribbeans had were miners, farmers, mechanics and waiters. A lot of people didn’t have jobs because they had to take care of their family. With very low money and not being used to the temperature they would get sick often.


Did you know that the caribbeans spoke Spanish,French and English. They mainly spoke in french a english. 3 percent of the people didn’t speak French or English. They mostly decided to live in quebec.

Belief and Religion

The Caribbean’s religion was Indigenous, they had to change it to chistiatiany. 59 per cent of the haitians were catholic. 29 per cent of the caribbeans were catholic. They would attend a lot of carnivals there names were Caribana, Soca Monarch, Chutney In The Park and Bright Colours