Jordan 101

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The country of Jordan is located in The Middle East. They make about $5,521 billion off of there exports. There exports include vegetables, fertilizers, and potash. They make about $15.25 billion off of their imports. One of Jordan's famous landmark is the Pera Temple.

The 411 on Jordan


Silt are small particles of rich soil.

Ex. Paragraph: When the flood ripped through the town, the river left silt. Silt is worth more than what you get paid for if you lived in Jordan.


Mineral salt used in fertilizers.

Ex. Paragraph: When the farmers need to grow crops they went into town to buy phosphate, so they can have enough food for the winter.

The Sahara Desert

Can u give me one fact about the Sahara desert?

"The Saharah Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world."

Libyia's oil money spends

What does Libiya do with its oil money?

"To build schools and hospitals, import foods, and maintain a strong military."


Who were Berbers?

" Berbers were the first known people to live in North Africa."