tight end times

by:Matt Christopher


Barry is a 17 year old boy who is a tight end and James doesn't want to compete with Barry because how old he is. Barry is a junior in high school he feels like Barry should have the tight end for his team.

main idea

just an ordinary kid wanting to play football and then james realizes that Barry a high schooler is trying out for the tight end position and realizes that he should not give up on his dream of playing on the football team and try out. So james tries out for the spot and gets it and he likes his position and playes it all the way through the football season.


The main characters are Ralph,Frieda,Delaney,Barry,and james.


they made it to the finals and now they have to make the winning touchdown and the give the tight end the ball and james starts freaking out when he hears that and so he thinks to himself i can i can i can, then he lines up at the line enough to do one more play he hears hike from the quarterback and the ball is snapped and he runs back to the ball gets the hand off and he starts running and he makes it in and makes the winning touchdown and the crowd goes crazy he is cheering and the other team is sad and everyone else is so happy that they didnt care.

my book review

my opinion it was a 10-10 book loved the book at first is was boring then it got intersiting i recommend this book to poeple who like sports and to poeple who like books of victory.