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A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. -–Neil Gaiman


This week I will be sending home the new I.U. Reading Reports. On this report will be the latest reading assessment scores for students in grades 1 through 4. For grades 5 and 6 there will be the scores from the end of the last school year and no mid year scores. I did not do any assessments for grades 5 through 8 since I am only seeing your children once a week and basically it is classroom support. However, at the end of the year I will include the assessment results.

Also there may be comments for various skill areas such as decoding, sight words, phonemic awareness, and comprehension on an as needed basis. The general comments and a brief narrative may be given as well.

The type of assessment is provided as well as the results. You may be unfamiliar with the scoring or language used, so I will try to explain it briefly right now. For the sight word screening (grades 1-3) I use the Fry List of the Most Common sight words goes from Level A to Level H. If the student masters the Fry list then I no longer assess that ability. For the QRI5 decoding and comprehension, the results yield a grade level. Remember a normal classroom has students within a grade level below and a grade level above the current grade level. Pre-Primer3 and Primer is the beginning to mid year of first grade. All the scores given are at the instructional level of the students i.e. the level at which instruction of strategies is most beneficial for decoding or comprehending.

I would like to explain everything, but I feel it would be best for you to look it over and provide me with any feedback or questions you may have. If you wish to come in for a conference or have a phone conference just let me know what day/time works best for
you. A discussion can also take place through email or google docs if you wish.

I am very happy with all the progress that is being made by your readers. I hope they are reading at home as much as they are with me.
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Included are links for book lists from the Nerdy Book Club blog. This Book Club is a group of educators who are well read and connected to publishers, authors, and illustrators. Towards the end of the year teachers and librarians are able to hand in the best books of the year. The links will take you to the lists of winners. These are generally excellent books for you children to read.

Young Adult Fiction:

Middle Grades:


Graphic Novels:

Non-Fiction Picture Books:

Fiction Picture Books:

Don't spend too much money buying these books & they are also at your local library.
Enjoy the reading!