The Roar

By. Emma Clayton

The Roar

Character analysis: Mika: Mika is a 12 year old boy who loves to go to the arcade and fly the pod fliers, he has a sister and they both have telekinesis and can talk to each other with there minds. He can scene that what people are telling him are all lies.

Plot: When the animal plague is a rising problem the world is forced to live behind a wall. When Mikas sister goes missing he is lead to believe she is dead.Mika is entered into a competition to live a better live and he wins all mutant children are forced to take medicine to make them strong and healthy. When the kids go crazy and a riot is lead Mika finds out the plague is fake and his sister is alive.


Author: Emma Clayton.


Mika lives in future London, behind The Wall: Solid concrete topped with high-voltage razor wire and guarded by a battalion of Ghengis Borgs, it was built to keep out the animals, because animals carry the plague.

Or so Mika's been told.

But ever since Ellie vanished a year ago, Mika's suspected his world may be built on secrets--and lies. When a mysterious organization starts recruiting mutant kids to compete in violent virtual reality games, Mika takes the chance to search for his twin sister--and the truth.