Bearcat Brief

November 15 2019

Notes from Niki

Now that we have had some discussion, if you have ideas to add to the Homework Intervention ideas Here is the link to the document. Please feel free to add to it or comment on things that are already there.

At the bottom of that document, I have included proposed guidelines for Late Homework/ Incentive Day. Please comment. This needs to be finalized by Tuesday so we can share with students at the assembly and start it when we come back from Thanksgiving Break. I would also like input on there as to what students who are excluded from Incentive Day sessions because of late work but at the time are caught up (ie. Joe has 12 late assignments for the term but has them all turned in by the incentive day) will do during the sessions they have to miss.

I hope you are able to get in lots of quality family time over Thanksgiving break. My family loves to play games, so I can't wait to play a new one I got- Go, Go Burrito. It's described as a combination of dodge ball and cards, but what you throw at one another is a squishy burrito. I imagine it will bring a whole new level of disaster to the Buschmann household.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

There are some GREAT ideas in this article for increasing engagement.

Upcoming Events


November 22 and 23- Fall Musical @HS

November 27- 29- Thanksgiving Break


December 1-18- NWEA Winter Testing

December 2-6- 7th grade Boys' Basketball @ St. James Tournament

December 2-6- 8th grade Boys' 'Basketball @Union Tournament

December 10- Faculty Meeting, 7:20

December 10- 7/8 Boys' Basketball vs. St. James, 5:30

Clock- Beth, Book- Phil, Gate- Engemann, Concessions- Brethorst

December 11-12- Area Schools Collaboration

December 11- Enrichment Showcase

December 11- Fire Drill, 2:00

December 11- 3rd and 4th Grade Concert, 7:00 in HS Auditorium

December 12- PBIS Leadership Team Training, CoMo

December 12- 4-6 PLC

December 12- Board Meeting, 6:00

December 13- Band Concert, 7:00

December 18- Choir Concert, 7:00