Philosophy, religion, and arts

By Ram Vakkalanka

Perciles and his Acheivment

Pericles was an aristocrat but he believed in democracy. One of his greatest achievements was building a huge monument for the goddess Athena. This building is called the Parthenon. Later on he became the most powerful man in Athens. Because lots of people knew he was an aristocrat, they didn't think he believed democracy

The gods

12 Olympians

These gods all helped with the many lives in greece at that time. Zeus ruled over the gods. Hera was in charge of marriage and child birth. Apollo was known for music and poetry. Artemis was the goddess of hunting. Athena was in charge of wisdom and war. Ares was the god for war. Aphrodite was the goddess of love. Hermes was the messenger. Posiedon is the god of the ocean. Demeter is the god for fertility.