Mrs. Rahn's Newsletter

February 10-14

Important Upcoming Dates


    • 10th- PTO Meeting
    • 14th- School Improvement Day (no school for student)
    • 17th- Snow Day Make up #2
    • 21st- Leader Day
    • 27th- Parent/Student/Staff Advisory Meeting
    • 28th- Breakfast with Books
    • Jump Rope for Heart Gym Jam
    • Leadership Assembly


    Please call the office when your child will be absent from school so that we may enter that as a verified absence.

    Valentines Day Class List

    We will be doing a card exchange only on the 13th of February. The students may being a box or a bag to hold their cards on that day. Below is the list of students in our classroom.


    Reading - Students will be able to identify characters' adventures and experiences in a story that can be compared and contrast.

    Writing - Students will begin their Informative Writing Unit. We are researching and learning about dinosaurs!

    Math - Students will be working on adding and subtracting within 20.

    Sight Words of the Week

    Sight words for this week:

    1. was
    2. stop
    3. some
    4. more
    5. if
    6. in

    Please, practice these sight words every night with your child. They should be able to say them and write them correctly. They should NOT sound out these sight words, they should just know them by sight. Thank you for your help with this!

    Breakfast and Lunch Menus

    Paper copies of breakfast/lunch menus will not be coming home anymore. Click the link to view the current breakfast/lunch menu.


    Ever wonder about the papers coming home and what students are expected to do? Click HERE to get a better explanation of what we do during literacy stations!

    Our Classroom Directory

    Here is the directory for our classroom. This can be utilized for playdates or birthday invites. Please remember I am not allowed to share contact information for anyone not on this list or from another classroom.


    Please follow the link below to see the district video explanation on standards based grading and why they chose to do it this way. It is a great way to hear their explanation.


    If you are planning on coming to ANY event this year you will be required to have a background check. This will include parties, field trips, visiting classrooms, etc. If you need a form please contact me and I can get it for you. You can also contact the office for this information as well.

    Specials Schedule

    Monday: PE

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Computers

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Library


    School's Phone Number: 417-732-3620

    My extension: 2086

    My E-mail: