Summer PAID Work

Thursday, June 16

First Meeting

We will have our first meeting this coming THURSDAY, JUNE 16 @ 9:00 am. Whoever is interested in getting paid to write (or re-write) IRAs and/or write (or re-write) Small Group Reading lessons can come to this meeting. In order to get paid for your summer work in either of these areas you will need to attend a meeting with Jon and myself so we can ensure all the work that is being done follows the Walpole format and procedure/protocol.

If this meeting day/time does not work for you but you are interested in getting paid to do some summer work please email me ASAP and we will try and arrange another meeting sometime soon!

We will meet at the PRIMARY in the GREEN pod. I plan on being there until 11:30 or 12:00 that day, although I don't think we will need more than 45-60 minutes to go over everything that needs to be gone over.

After our initial 45-60 minute meeting you will be free to start work on whatever you plan on working on. There is no need for you to stay the whole time if you understand the expectations, feel confident in what you are doing, and the work you do/plan on doing later on your own is shared with Jon and I (preferably in a google doc format) so we can give feedback as you go.

What To Bring

  • White Walpole book (the one with the boxes on the front cover) - if at all possible please try and bring this book. We will need as many copies as possible to refer to as we walk through things.
  • One hard copy of the first book you plan to write your IRA and/or SGR lessons on. (The books everyone requested be ordered for IRAs and SGR lessons has been put in the PO system but will not be here by Thursday so please pick a book that you have an actual copy of.)
  • Your computer.
  • IRAs or SGR plans you have used in the past if you plan on re-writing IRAs/SGR lessons that need updated in order to follow the Walpole protocol.

How To Get Paid

In order to get paid you will have to track your hours (the hours from meeting on Thursday CAN be counted towards your total summer hours). Jon will go over how and where you will track your hours at the meeting on Thursday.

There is a maximum of 15 hours that you can get reimbursed for, for completing summer work on IRAs and/or SGR lessons. However, if we get a smaller number of teachers completing summer work than originally anticipated we may be able to allow teachers to get reimbursed for more than 15 hours.

Teachers will get reimbursed $20 for every hour of work they put towards writing IRAs/SGR lessons.

Jon will go over how and when you will be reimbursed for your work at the meeting on Thursday.