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Super SONIC Teacher Feature

Super SONIC Teacher Feature--Week of Feb. 15-19, 2016

Tricia Mendel

Plickers are the new clickers! I was running out of clickers and couldn't schedule computers every time I wanted to collect some data or check for student understanding. Plickers was the answer! I can print individual cards for each student to keep in their class binder. the card has a specific shape and works similar to a QR code. Students hold their card so the desired option (A-D) is at the top of the card while I scan the classroom with my phone or iPad. I immediately see each students response to the question and now with the newly added score sheets I can go back and look at students' grades for the session of questions. The best part, besides not having to change any batteries, is that it is all FREE!

Ida Cessna

First graders are having a bit of trouble mastering the math vocabulary that goes along with our new math series. To help them review words for each chapter, I put them on Plickers. The kids love seeing their Plickers number light up on the screen as their answer is recorded! It is a quick easy way to study and it holds the students' interest!

Super Sonic Teacher Form

Share the amazing things you are doing with technology and your students! We want to hear all about it! You could be featured here next time!

The SAMR Model of Technology Integration

The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning. It also shows a progression that adopters of educational technology often follow as they progress through teaching and learning with technology.

While one might argue over whether an activity can be defined as one level or another, the important concept to grasp here is the level of student engagement. One might well measure progression along these levels by looking at who is asking the important questions. As one moves along the continuum, computer technology becomes more important in the classroom but at the same time becomes more invisibly woven into the demands of good teaching and learning.

Where do you see yourself?

SAMR model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura

The NEW Google Forms

Some of you may have tried out the new Google Forms, but noticed not all of the features you wanted were available like the old version. Well, Google has added even more to the new forms. Here is what you can expect:

1- Add-ons and Google Apps Script are now supported

The new Form editor provides you easy access to add-ons and scripts to use on your forms.

2- View individual responses from the editor

With this new update, you will be able to see individual responses for each Form you create. This is especially helpful for providing individualized feedback to students.

3- Easy access to templates gallery

When you launch the new Google Forms, the first thing you will see is the templates gallery, from there you can select any template you want or click on ‘more’ button to browse through several other options.

4- Receive email notifications when Form responses are submitted

The new Google Forms allows you to activate the notification feature so you can receive email notifications whenever there is a new response to your Form.

5- Track responses to your Google Form

This feature enables you to keep track of how your Form is performing. You will be able to view those who have already submitted their responses, those who didn’t and even send out email reminders.


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Upcoming PD Opportunities


Digital Project Ideas -- Hawthorne -- February 19th 7:30am

The Gamification of Education -- Junior High Library -- February 20th 9am-12pm

Organizing Your Drive -- Dogwood -- February 22 7:30am

Out of District:

EdCampLiberty Saturday, March 12th 8:30-12:30pm Epic Elementary

Cost--FREE, but you must register online. Spaces are limited.


Learn to Use Google Tools in the Classroom Saturday, February 27th 9:00am-2:30pm

6 sessions--30 minutes each

Cost--FREE, but you must register online. Spaces are limited.

9-9:30am --The Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Google Tools

10-10:30am-- What's New in Google Forms

11-11:30pm --Top 10 Free Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Classroom Use

12-12:30pm-- Using Google Docs and More for Differentiated, Collaborative Reading

1-1:30pm-- Using Google Hangouts for Podcasting in the Classroom

2-2:30pm-- Projects and Suggestions for Differentiating Instruction with Google Drive

Chromebooks in the Classroom 101 Saturday, March 12th 9am-2:30pm

6 sessions--30 minutes each

Cost--FREE, but you must register online. Spaces are limited.

9-9:30am Chromebooks 101: An Intro to Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

10-10:30am 20 of the Best Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

11-11:30pm Go Paperless with Tech Tools for Chromebooks and Tablets

12-12:30pm Get Started Creating Engaging Student Projects with Chromebooks

1-1:30pm Using Chrome Extensions to Differentiate Instruction

2-2:30pm Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators


Please remember you must sign up for classes in MyLearning Plan and receive approval PRIOR to attending if you want to receive FlexPD. Also, for any online learning opportunities, please discuss requirements with your administrator.