News Notes & Dates

Week of November 10

Principal's Corner

**ASPIRE is so close to complete. Thanks once again for your great performance with the testing. We will begin planning now for the next round of testing. Please send John Bailey any comments, suggestions, or changes you think might help.

**Social Media in Education: Resource Round-up

** Click here to be certain you have signed up for a private consultation with the Anthem representative. Monday, Nov. 10th is last chance to meet with them. ALL staff, must speak with them. Those meetings will take place in: A.) Large Conference Room B.) Room 115-after 11:00 AM) C.) Kyle Mack's Office. Room assignments on this link.

OTES TIP #4 -Consider putting up a “Parking Lot” in your room, or just have an area for students to post a post-it as feedback. At the end of the day’s lesson, stop with a few remaining minutes and have the students write one thing they learned and one or two questions they still have on a post-it and have them place it on the “Parking Lot” or in the chosen area, as they leave. Keep a few of these post-its, or take a picture for your evidence binder. This can be used as evidence in the areas of Knowledge of Students, Assessment of Student Learning (student self-assessment).


* Mon. Nov. 10 - Aspire Makeup Testing

* Mon. Nov. 10 - Assurant Insurance Reps

* Mon. Nov. 10 - Career Unit Kick-off with Counselors- 7th Grade

* Tues. Nov. 11-- Veteran's Day assemblies

* Wed. Nov 12 - Achiever's Meeting - Room 115 @ 2:30

* Mon. Nov 24 - A.L.I.C.E. Drill


Joy's Journal

Structure Creates Behavior--

Teachings students the expectations within the walls of your classroom is key for optimal learning. The same is true when it comes to giving optimal respect during an assembly. Please be sure to review the following expectations with your students as we prepare to gather for a very important event tomorrow.

- When dismissed by an administrator, walk in a single file line, quietly to the gym (8th) or Cafetorium (7th)

- Be seated quickly and in the section marked for your team (8th grade only)

- During the assembly, sit quietly, listen and applaud appropriately

- If you have a veteran with us, you will be invited to join him/her during the Armed Forces Anthem

- After the assembly, wait to be dismissed.

Did You Know?

Student and staff are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to celebrate Veterans' Day tomorrow.

Students will be dismissed by an administrator to the gym (8th) and Cafetorium (7th) around 7:25 am immediately after attendance.

After the assemblies, 8th grade will go to advisory to gather their things, then go to 2nd encore. 7th grade students will be dismissed to their team areas.

Teachers, remember to take your red safety bags with you to the assembly tomorrow. One teacher should walk in the front of your team of students and one in the back of the line. All teachers should sit in the bleachers with students.

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Lizzy's Weekly Information


November Rock Wednesdays

November 12th, 2014 - ENCORE ONLY TEACHERS

With the change of the quarter, we are hoping to provide you all with some information on some of the new (or maybe not so new for Wellness) students to your courses. We ask that on November 12th you meet in Room 115 during the times listed below to talk about your students with Joy O and the Counselors.

If you have any questions, let me know.

  • Wellness (Debbie, Christine, Brian, Scott) - 10am
  • Art (Sarah, JT, Joe) - 11:30am
  • Music (Jessica, Alison, Chad, Stacy, Michelle) - 10am
  • Rose - 11:30
  • Chad W - 11:30
  • Rich - 10am
  • Brenda - 10am

November 19th, 2014 - CORE ONLY TEACHERS

Plan to meet in room 115 during your team time for our November Rock Wednesday around Student Motivation

The Bailey Special

Winter Athletics Information for Nighthawks

Final Week for Aspire Make-ups! Please send students to Room 115 - NOT the Learning Commons as previously shared.

Boys Basketball Tryout Week

8th @ 5:45pm

7th @ 7:30pm

Rosters for the Girls Basketball teams will be sent this week

We need more wrestlers! Please talk this up with your boys!