The Great San Fernando Earthquake

RUMBLE! The Earth is shaking with all its might. HELP!

Its 9 February. I'm at home in San Fernando, (California) waiting to go to school. It's quite early so I'm finishing off my school work.


A police said, "I hid under a table for the whole time however lots of things collapsed on the table and the table broke. Luckily i was lucky because I was hiding under the edge."

A teacher said, "I was walking and all of a sudden there was massive shaking on the ground. I quickly went back to the office but there was no table so i stayed in the room where there was no dangerous furniture."

A student said, "I was sleeping and the ground shook. I recognised the shaking from a previous earthquake . I remembered from a lesson that I needed to hide under a table and stay away from furniture. I also remembered to pack an first aid kit."


In summary, it was a magnitude of 6.6 and it was a devastating earthquake.