Horses are friends

their so lovely

We have the best horses

The icelandic horse is the most beautiful horse in the world. Everybody loves them. They are so powerful and strong and they teach us so much about the life. They teach us to be a friend and that you dont give up. Horse buissnes is very much here in Iceland. You can teach them so much, so many things they are so talented.

Our beautiful icelandic horses

Come and see icelandic horseshow in Fákasel

Its the only horse theater that we have in Iceland and its very fun to watch. It story about the Icelandic horse. Its showtime all days of the week. It only cost 4800kr. icelandic money. Come and watch us you will not regret it. Thank you. :)

We are Iceland

Iceland is the best and you have to come and visit iceland and all the beautiful hores

Let you see. Thank you.