How to ... Mural!

Steps to painting on a wall

Where to start

Now you see here, if your an artist... you can be a muralist. All you got to do is thing BIG. And if your not an artist well then all you've got to do is think "find me an artist!"

Supplies needed: Wall paint, brushes, big dish sponges, plastic plats, water, drop clothe or sheet for the floor, wall tape for the parts you're not painting and a determined spirit to get it done.

Now where ready to start muraling (and yes that is what we are calling it)

Step 1: Find a wall!

Look, we have one here!

And this wall can be either inside or outside. Just make sure you get the owner of the wall's approval first! (and if it is outside, make sure to get "all weather resistance" paint). Or get hired to paint on a wall (even better).

Step 2: Mess up the wall! (its ok, its only the first coat)

The Basic

So once you've drawn up a sketch and mapped out where everything goes (I use sting to tape off sections of the wall in accordance to my sketching), your ready to put paint on the wall. Most of the time this step can be the hardest to do... JUST DO IT. Make the first brush stroke and then get to work muraling.

Step 3: Get to business

Don't freak out the owner of the wall any more... its ok they will still love you for the mess you made (once your finished). Now its time to get to business and make something look good... after all you ARE an artist .... right? ... or should I say "muralist" now?

Anyways: Map out your next moves and fill in the color (blend). Use colors that compliment the wall color and make it fit your design. Also use brush strokes that save you time, like the palm tree you see here:

Step 4: Bring on the Color, Time to get Dangerous

Color, strokes and all that Jazz

Still think BIG with these. Your covering a large amount of surface. And keep your vision/image in mind the whole time while your placing each layer of paint down.

Step 5: Start showing off your Skills!

Its Mural time

Stay within your design but let your skills come out. Be true to you and paint what you can imagine. And always think in layers! Paint on a coat, take a step back, wait for the steps to dry and then paint on another one.

And remember... love your artwork... become one with your vision. and just LOVE IT!

Step 6: Finish that Mural!

The final touches

Make these strokes count because these are the first ones the viewer will see! Now at first you thought BIG now think small and add details to the mural. Make sure there are no loose ends, stray brush strokes or butterflies flying away.

Need a Muralist?

This mural was done by Stephanie of Painting the Imagination located in Santa Barbara, CA.

Call or email for more information about murals or artists for murals.