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September 16, 2016

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Test Dates

Sept. 20th - Wordly Wise Unit 2 quiz

Sept. 22nd - Geography terms quiz

Sept. 23rd - Math Unit 2 Test - study review sheet

*A timed multiplication facts quiz will be given every Friday.

Language Arts

This week we.....

  • finished a reader's theater play from our Story Works magazine.
  • compared characters and themes within a story.
  • developed a story arc with rising action, a climax, and falling action in our writer's notebooks.
  • began writing our realistic fiction draft.

I Can statements for Language Arts...

  • I can explain the theme in a story, drama, or poem using details from the text.
  • I can locate specific details in a story to help me describe a character, event, and/or setting.
  • I can discuss the parts of a play, including the cast of characters, setting, dialogue, and stage directions.
  • I can generate ideas for narrative pieces based on real or imagined experiences.
  • I can describe the characters and setting through my story.
  • I can develop small moment stories using sensory details.


I Can statements for Math...

  • I can solve multi-step problems using the four operations.
  • I can round multi-digit whole numbers to any place.
  • I can fluently solve multi-digit addition and subtraction problems using the standard algorithm.

Next week we will continue...

  • adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with a standard algorithm.
  • learning how to assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies, including rounding.
  • solving multi-step word problems with whole numbers .
  • using equations with a symbol or letter standing for the unknown quantity.

How can I explain subtraction to my child?

You can easily explain subtract with this quick and easy video! I It even explains what to do when there is a zero


Science/Social Studies

I Can statements for Social Studies...

  • I can describe the reasons for, obstacles to, and accomplishments of the Spanish, French, and English explorations of John Cabot, Vasco Nunez Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leon, Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, and Jacques Cartier.

  • I can describe examples of cooperation and conflict between Europeans and Native Americans.

I Can statements for Science

  • I can identify weather instruments and explain how each is used in gathering weather data and making forecasts (thermometer, rain gauge, barometer, wind vane, anemometer).

  • I can use a weather map to identify the fronts, temperature, and precipitation and use the information to interpret the weather conditions.

  • I can use observations and records of weather conditions to predict weather patterns throughout the year.

  • I can differentiate between weather and climate.

Next week we will....

  • begin researching the 6 explorers
  • begin the weather unit

We would love your empty Pringles cans. We plan to use them during the Solar System Unit.

Please do not fill out the study guides or the vocabulary sheets at home. We do that together in class and it takes several weeks.

Information from around the school...

  • Science Fair http://levelcreeksciencefair.weebly.com/
  • Reflections entries are due this coming Monday or Tuesday, September 19 & 20. The Reflections committee will be collecting entries from 8:20-8:50AM in the upper and lower hallways. There are 6 art categories to enter: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. In particular, we are looking for more literature and photography entries. Each student will receive a prize when he/she submits a Reflections entry.

Thank you for your continued help and support!


Kristin Gillespie & Ute Matthee

LCE Reflections Chairs