Australia Wants UK to Stay in EU

British colony in Australia wants to keep Britain in EU


S - Australia

O - Australia wants UK in EU

A - UK, Australia and other foreign inquires

P - inform

S - Australia told Britain to stay in the EU for both parties best intrest

Tone - Reserved


Anglosphere - a country with english as the common language

Commonwealth - an independet country or community

Eurosceptic - a person opposed to the increase in the EU's powers

Referendum - a vote on an issue

Summit - a meeting between government heads

WOW Statement

Australia wishes Britain to stay in the EU in order to keep trade and other good things from diminishing. Britain will make their decision to stay or not in a referendum on June 23rd. These two Anglosphere countries met in a summit to discuss this topic.

I personally think that it would be weird to not have the UK in the EU, considering that it was one of the starting countries to join. If they leave, then they will be severed from many alliances and ties between countries.