TIPS Journal February 1, 2022

on the school year so far

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Greetings from Tokyo International Progressive School

Dear Parent Community of TIPS,

After the upcoming Valentine's Day February 14th event, we will be turning our attention to the Variety Show, our afternoon of performances and applause on Friday, April 1. Co-directors are Mr. Brock Spore and Mr. Jason Wan. Practices will begin soon as students and teachers firm up the acts. This year our Variety Show will be held in an auditorium in the ShimoKitazawa area.

As COVID infection rates continue to be unprecedented, please make wise decisions with your family as you balance risks and benefits of your activities. Updates to our COVID policy can be found on our website, here:

New information includes definitions of close-contact persons and requirements for those in that category. As always, we appreciate frank and open communication regarding your family's health situation.

Thanks for reading. Any questions, please ask!


Lyn Sato

TIPS Principal

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If you can help with the Valentine's Day Bake Sale on February 14, please let me know! You may write to say you can bake something to sell or help at the sale, from 11:15 - 1:30 on Valentine's Day in our Meeting Room. Thank you!

If you plan on helping at the sale itself, please note our lunchroom has a strict "no talking" rule which we enforce because of the rising COVID infection rates. The bake sale will be in the Meeting Room, however, where masks will be worn, so we can speak to one another there as we shop.

Upcoming Special Dates (through February 18, 2022)

Tuesday, February 1: Emiko Kakimoto counsels.

Friday, February 4: Emiko Kakimoto counsels.

Tuesday, Feb 9: Whole School Field Trip to Edo Tokyo Museum. Hybrid PSA meeting 2 p.m.

Friday, February 11: Emiko Kakimoto counsels.

Monday, Feb 14: Robotics for grades 4 - 7.

Tuesday, Feb 15: PE in gym.

Friday, February 18: LEAP Swim Day. Emiko Kakimoto counsels.


One of the student council members has recently created cashier software for the student council lunches and snack shack. This software will make the process of payment for both lunches and snacks faster and more efficient.

Instead of having to write orders, the cashier will simply press a couple of buttons which will cut the time to order in half. We are planning to implement this system within this quarter. We look forward to students experiencing a smoother ordering system.

Also, we would like to mention there is an exciting upcoming event in the middle of February. Students will know more details closer to the day!


Below are four recent pieces of art from our Friday art cub members, who are drawn to landscapes.
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Tokyo International Progressive School

TIPS is the small and supportive international school in the Futako-Tamagawa area.

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