Center-Based Child Care

Sarah Marek


Center-Based child care is a fairly large group of children enrolled in a center. It began in the United States during the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century. This helped working mothers get jobs while keeping their children off the streets. After World War 2, child care declined until the 1960s when women entered the workforce in great numbers. Today, there are many types of child care. More children are entering child care facilities than licensed centers can support

Advantages of Center-Based Child Care

Emphasize cooperative play and social living, Basic quality is assured in licensed centers, Director makes any alternative plans when staff are absent, Center may provide special services, Facilities and equipment are designed for children, Educational activities are offered

Disadvantages of Center-Based Child Care

Parents are often concerned about their childss health and safety, Day may involve too many structured activities, Child may not recieve the individual attention they need, Hours and days of operation are not flexible, Payment can be costly

Local Programs Available

(Manhattan) Hope Lutheran Early Learning Center-8385 U.S. Highway 24, K-State Child Development Infant Toddler Center-2101 Claflin Rd, S&J Daycare-5704 Anderson Avenue, Seven Dolors Child Care Center-1811 Fair Lane (Westmoreland) Scritch Scratch Patch-209 2nd Street