the life of Al Capone

Al Capone

Early years of Al Capone...

Al Capone was born in Brooklyn in New York on January 17, 1899. Both of his parents were immigrants from Italy. While Al's mother worked as a seamstress, his father worked as a barber. His original name is is Alphonse Capone. Al Capone was kicked out of school in 6th grade age 14 because he hit his female teacher.

Eastern State Penitentiary...

He was sent to Eastern State Penitentiary prison in 1931. Al was sent for 8 months because he was a carrying a concealed weapon. His cell had oriental rugs, fine furniture, and a cabinet radio.
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Capone died on January 25th 1947. He died because of the disease syphilis. He got the disease by sleeping with many prostitutes. Al was 48 years old. He was sent to the hospital which he spent his last few days in before he died. He was buried at the Mount Caramel Cemetery.