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LSU shop materializes your dream of remaining enveloped by the memorabilia of your old university. They serve to prolong the cherished memories of your association with the imposing institution. Owned and professionally managed by a band of old students, the creative brilliance of them gets reflected from the entire gamut of LSU logo studded merchandise.

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LSU apparel

Snazzy, modish, elegant and contemporary; the LSU apparel features cool colors and attractive designs. The voguish outfits can be donned in any casual or professional occasion with their unsurpassable appeal. It gets the spotlight turned on to you with the design snug enough to embrace your body at the right places. The apparel is available in modern and dazzling colors too for those who wish to deviate significantly from the traditional blend.

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LSU Kids Shop

LSU Kids Shop brings under one roof the entire array of kid items that can veritably be labeled as voguish, cool and useful. Imprinted with LSU logo in tasteful ways, the kids apparel, toys etc are a valuable addition to your child’s little world. The beautiful items will add more value to your child’s growing years. Your kids will simply love every piece of LSU toy, apparel etc and treasure them for the rest of lives.

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LSU Jewelry

Ranging from minimalist to excess, the alluring range of exquisite LSU jewelry will win you over. The sets are within your budget. They bear testimony to the finesse of the craftsmen and the subtle skill of designers. The jewelry with LSU stamp is a perfect gift for your girlfriend that will remind her of your allegiance to her and LSU. The designs resonate with the ladies love for ornaments. Every effort is employed to bring to you chic and avant-garde designs.
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LSU Watches

LSU watches collection feature hot brands that are equipped with the latest cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Watches that are a rage worldwide are presented to you in LSU garb at jaw dropping prices. Knock off products do not find a place in the shop. LSU logo is imprinted in striking contrast that serves to enhance the appeal of the watches manifold times.

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LSU Gift Souvenirs

LSU Gift Souvenirs are perfect presents to give your loved ones. Ingenious gifts pack the punch in them and are sure to lift the spirits of the recipient. The LSU logo will make your dear ones learn about your respect and adoration for your alma mater. It is a time to indulge your senses and go on a shopping spree to find the exact gift that shows how much you value the presence of your dear ones in your life.
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LSU Shoes & Boots

Crafted out of the finest leather/ high quality material, LSU shoes and boots offer the ultimate in comfort, style and elegance. The spunky sneakers will take your flight of fancy off the ground. The sneakers/shoes come in a range of attractive colors that take your personality to the next level.

LSU shop is the one-stop destination to lay your hands on the entire spectrum of LSU merchandise that will light up your life, exhibit profusely in bold terms your loyalty to LSU and bring your dear ones in the fold of LSU fans
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Clara Grundy discusses the trendy stuff available at LSU shop. Students and alumni of LSU will love the designer collection of LSU logo embossed apparel, jewelry, watches, shoes, kids collection and souvenirs available at the LSU shop. Visit to grab the merchandise that matches your attitude and make a style statement.