Why Everyone Should Read the Bible

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What is the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of seventy-three books written over the course of many centuries. The books include history, poetry, and believers' accounts of the preaching of Jesus. These seventy-three books are either part of the Old Testament which talks about different works occurring before Christ or the New Testament which talks about Christ's works.Together, these testaments help us understand God's plan for human beings.


  • Which testament is more important, the Old or the New Testament?
Actually, both testaments are equally important. Both reveal different sides of God and allow us to understand Him and His plan for us.
  • What if I'm not religious? Why would I read the Bible?
The Bible is not for a specific group of people. It is the public Word of God shared so that everyone can understand God and his plan for His people. The Bible does not only provide religious material, it provides accounts of extremely interesting historical events as well. In fact it is proven that religious and non-religious people who read the Bible learn how to live a balanced and more peaceful life. Wrapping things up, the Bible is filled with knowledge and wisdom that can help you out in every aspect of your life no matter your religion.
  • What does the word Bible mean?
It comes from the Greek word biblios which means books.
  • Is the Bible truly God's word?
God did not write the Bible with his own hands nor did he tell authors what to write word for word, but he sent the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide the process from saying the stories out loud, to composition, to editing, and to canonization. This is called biblical inspiration.

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