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The week ahead... October 17 - 21

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Monday, October 17 -

Tuesday, October 18 -

Student Council treasurer candidate speeches on announcements

F.A.M.E. committee meeting

Wednesday, October 19 - Unity Day (see link below) - orange shirt with jeans to support No Bullying

Student Council secretary candidate speeches on announcements

Thursday, October 20 -

Student Council Vice - President candidate speeches on announcements

Baby Shower for Mrs. Hernandez

Friday, October 21-

Student Council President candidate speeches on announcements

Awards Ceremonies (see schedule below)

Red Ribbon Week bulletin boards to be completed and put up in the main hallway - each grade level must have one

Saturday, October 22 -

Building open from 9-1 ( no A/C)

Coming up ...

Fall Family Fun Night - at least half of your team needs to attend, more would be better

Red Ribbon Week

Alief Proud - Saturday, November 5, 9-12 - I need at least 1 person from each team to join me.

Celebrations and Shout outs

Ms. Goicoechea who is also assisting with Mrs. Ronding's class had this to say about Ms. Austin:

I would like to recognize Corie’s job regarding taking care of Mrs. Ronding’s class:

· She makes sure subs and support people (like me and the ESL aide, I am sorry I don’t know her name) have the lesson plans handy and take notes of where the lesson was left.

· She finds the support materials that goes along with the lesson reading plans and provide them for me.

· She gets the updated lessons plans from Mrs. Juarez for whoever goes to that classroom to teach.

· She is constantly monitoring the behavior in that classroom and applying strategies for students to improve in an environment where there is not just 1 teacher.

· At the end of the day, she takes the time to teach kids to organize their materials.

· And she does all these with a smile!

Awards Ceremony Schedule - Friday, October 21

8:30 - 9:15 - 1st grade

9:15 - 10:00 - 3rd grade

1:00 - 1:45 - 4th grade

1:00 - 1:30 - Kindergarten (in classroom)

2:00 - 2:45 - 2nd grade

Awards ceremony guidelines

  • Remember, the goal is not to make sure every student receives an award, use this as an opportunity to teach students to strive for more - to work on their progress
  • However, while not every student should get an award, we need to make sure certain students don't always receive multiple awards.
  • Perfect Attendance, A Honor Roll, AB Honor roll, Bucket Filler, and B.U.G awards are not subjective, so if a student receives one of these awards they should not also get Principal, Cody Cub, or Content participation awards- these will all go to a different student each 9 weeks that did not earn attendance, honor roll, bucket filler or BUG
  • Please read descriptions and parameters carefully
  • Send home award ceremony invitations only to those students recieving an award

Perfect Attendance - any student with no absences, no tardies ( may be multiple students)

A Honor Roll – all As including conduct (may be multiple students)

AB Honor Roll – at least 1 A, the rest can be Bs, including conduct ( may be multiple students)

Principal’s Award - 1 student in your class who you feel has followed the Guidelines For Success the best this 9 weeks (choose only 1 student per 9 weeks)

Cody Cub Award – 1 boy and 1 girl per 9 weeks who has tried their very best and worked really hard but may not be passing (only 2 students per 9 weeks)

Math, Reading, SS, Science awards - 1 student per subject per 9 weeks who has displayed the best effort/participation but may or may not have the highest grade

Bucket Filler Award - student(s) who have the most boxes shaded on the bucket filler tracking sheet in your classroom , this is not necessarily the student(s) who earned the free dress or celebration, but the student (or if there is a tie, students) who have the most shaded.

Next 9 weeks we will add the BUG (Bringing Up Grades award) for students whose grades have gone up in at least one subject and maintained in all the others (including behavior)

"Bumper Stickers", ideas, and strategies from Susan Isaacs

Here are some of the things that stuck with me after a full day with Susan Isaacs. Message me with your "aha" moments or ideas/strategies that stuck with you. What is something you already tried right away?

  • CHAMPS is an approach, not a program so you can to manage your classroom positively, proactively, and instructionaly
  • Every instructional decision you make requires a management decision
  • Increase correct behavior by striving for a 3:1 ration of interaction by acknowledging responsible/correct behavior more often and with consistently over correcting/ redirecting irresponsible behavior/misbehavior
  • The more attention you give to the 80% of students who are behaving and less to the 20% who are not, you will have a better day
  • Classrooms of the 21st century are marked by purposeful movement and purposeful noise
  • You cannot be more disruptive with your correction than the misbehavior itself (this often is the result of unnecessary power struggles)
  • Just because a student doesn't look at you does not mean they have lost the ability to hear
  • The climate and culture of a classroom/campus is defined by adult behavior. Children follow the mood of the adults they encounter
  • Our demographic of students respond better to Alpha commands (specific) than to Beta commands (vague)

I would like everyone to challenge themselves to pick one day this week to only notice and acknowledge correct behavior. Try not to say anything to incorrect behavior (unless a student is being unsafe or a danger to himself or others)

Great video from Energy Bus Author John Gordon on the power of teamwork

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc