4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ January 11, 2018

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Run so as to win for Jesus!

Dear Families,

Prayer to the Holy Spirit Test is next week.

As a school, we have created a prayer box for Fr. Jim that is located next to the Mary statue as you enter the building. Students are encouraged to write prayers, kind thoughts, or draw pictures to let Fr. Jim know that we are always thinking of him and praying for him. You are welcome to add your own thoughts and prayers to this box if you'd like!

Thank you for your continued support, I truly appreciate you!

Happy January!


Learning Focus


* Multiply a two digit number

*Estimate products to check for reasonableness


*Compare/Contrast events in a story

*Identify Personification and how authors use figurative language to deepen a readers understanding of events in a story


*Define motion

*Name forces that affect motion

Social Studies

*Name the first people who lived in Washington

*Describe the everyday life of the first people


*Explore God's relationship with the Israelites

* Recite the First Commandment