Ms. Frehner's Weekly Announcements

March 10, 2014

What's in this week's announcements?

  • CRT Registration
  • Writing Workshop
  • Weekly Snapshot
  • McCaw School of Mines Field Trip
  • NVVA Olympic Sports News
  • March Birthdays
  • NVVA Library

CRT Registration

Last week you should have received a k-mail from Mr. Gerhardt regarding CRT registration. The CRTs are the standardized tests that all Nevada's 3rd through 8th grade students must take to show grade level proficiency.

If you have not yet registered for CRTs, please make sure to visit the NVVA Community Board to do so ASAP.

Writing Workshop

Your personal narrative is due to me this Wednesday, March 12th. Remember, your final draft should be typed and k-mailed.

ToonDoos are due next Monday, March 17th. We will be presenting them in class beginning Thursday, March 20th.

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McCaw School of Mines

Friday, March 21st, 10am-12pm

57 Lynn Ln

Henderson, NV

The McCaw School of Mines is a super fun field trip that is only open to 4th grade students. There are specific requirements students must fulfill prior to attending this field trip:
  1. Your Nevada History course in the OLS must be 100% completed.
  2. You must attend the three required McCaw School of Mines prep class connects. (More information to come in a k-mail.)

Because this field trip is only open to 4th grade students, siblings will not be admitted; however, there is a waiting area for parents and siblings.

There is no cost for this field trip.
Please RSVP via the Community Board.

NVVA Olympic Sports News

Some of the fourth graders in my ELA class wrote Olympics sports reports and have created a digital sports newspaper. You can check it out HERE.

March Birthdays

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Ms. Frehner's Contact Information

K-Mail: Heather Frehner
Phone: (702) 407-1825 x7055