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November Newsletter

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Dear Sydenham Families,

The Autumn quote above seems particularly apt for this year, when we have all had to adapt, adjust, create new ways of being safely together and let go of some of the ways we used to do things, before the global Covid-19 pandemic hit us. Indeed we are finding new ways of doing things, creating new routines, and feeling much gratitude for how fortunate we are to be able to be in school. For me personally, it is so fulfilling to have the children at school and to benefit from their positive energy and joy. Thank you to all of the parents and caregivers for being so supportive despite the changes and adjustments that have been required. It truly does take a village to raise our children and I would like to thank our parent community, the educational staff, our office administrator, Holly Reichstein, and our caretaking staff Glenn McLaughlan and Adam Orozco, for the outpouring of support and dedicated work to get our school up and running this year!

We have been able to have a few special events so far this fall. We celebrated (or tried to celebrate) Take Me Outside day on October 22nd, but the weather led us to postpone some of those events to the 23rd. This coincided nicely with our Sydenham Storm Pumpkin Patch! We couldn't go to the pumpkin patch this year, so Fruition Berry Farms delivered the pumpkin patch to us! Students got to go outside, class by class and each student got to pick their own pumpkin. The fun lasted for a few days as students painted and decorated their pumpkins.

We are also celebrating Orange and Black day today! Students have showed a lot of good spirit and had another fun day. Stay tuned for more of our special events as we are working to plan a spirit week November 16-20th.

Lastly, you may have noticed that our newsletter has a new look! Thanks to Ms. Reichstein who has set us up with "Smore" to give us a new look.

Sincerest regards,

Sara Marshall,

Dressing for Cooler Weather

This year, we are taking learning outdoors as much as possible, to increase distancing and to give students and staff a mask break. Please make sure that students are dressed for the weather, including a jackets, boots, mitts and hats as necessary. Light rain will probably not keep us indoors to the extent it has in the past, so raincoats and boots should be ready to go as well! Please label your child's belongings so that we can return any lost items to their owner.

As the cooler weather approaches, we recommend that students bring extra masks to school each day so that they can change masks after outdoor time, when masks tend to get damp.

School Advisory Council

Please consider joining our School Advisory Council (SAC) and attending future meetings. SAC is a great way to meet other Sydenham families and become involved with fantastic and dynamic group of people. Our Council Executive and Class reps are listed below:
Chair - Len Whalen
Secretary- Mary Kate Christopher
Treasurer- Kelly Baehre
Kindergarten Class rep - Kelly Baehre
Grade 1/2 Class rep - Nadine Levy-Morrison
Grade 2/3 Class rep - Jessie Smith
Grade 4/5/6 Class rep - Erik Lockhart
Grade 6/7/8 Class rep- Suzanne Tousignault

The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m. Virtual platform and link to be determined.

SAC Holiday Fundraising

Hard copy notes and order forms went home this past week about our Covid-adapted version of our annual Holiday Market. While we have all come to anticipate the Holiday Market as we have known it for many years, this year will be a little different. SAC has partnered with a local family-run farm, C.C. Farms, to offer locally grown fresh wreaths and winter planter boxes. We also have Homemade Cookie Ornaments in the shape of our very own Sydenham School or the Old Farm Fine Foods building, a beloved neighbour of our school. .

Please consider supporting our SAC as they raise funds for various projects at our school.

Order forms are due by November 9th and wreaths and planters will be ready for pick up at the school on November 27th.

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, November 1st - Daylight Savings Time Ends -don't forget to turn your clock back an hour!

Monday, November 9th - Holiday Fundraiser forms are due to the school

Wednesday, November 11th - School "virtual" Remembrance Day Assembly

Wednesday, November 18th - School Advisory Council meeting - virtual, 7:00 p.m.

November 16-20th - Spirit Week details to follow

Friday, November 20th- Pink Shirt Day

Friday, November 20th- Progress Reports go home

Friday, November 27th - Holiday Fundraiser pick up of planters and wreaths

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Indigenous Education Month

November is Indigenous Education Month. Students and staff continue to find ways to deepen their knowledge and learn together about our shared history and build stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

November 2nd-7th is Treaties Recognition Week and November 7th is International Inuit Day.

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Kinders and Acorns

Acorns are one of the most important wildlife foods in areas where oaks occur. Creatures that make acorns an important part of their diet include birds such as jays, pigeons, some ducks and several species of woodpeckers.

Small mammals that feed on acorns include mice, squirrels and several other rodents. Large mammals such as pigs, bears and deer also consume large amounts of acorns.

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Ms. McCourt's Grade 1/2 class observed the metamorphosis of the monarch from caterpillar to butterfly.

The monarch has four distinct life stages: egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis) and adult.

...And More School Pics

The Pumpkin Patch

Thanks to our staff, associate teachers, and Fruition Berry Farm for creating our very own pumpkin patch! It was a great success!
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