Trying to bring smiles to Christmas

You have found what you have been searching for!

My Christmas candy bouquets are sure to make even the Grinch lite up and smile.

This large and elegant display of decadent holiday treats is sure to please. It comes with a reusable Christmas container that is filled with overflowing candy treats including varieties of Chocolate Santas and Snowman, delicious candy canes, mini KitKats, MilkyWays, Butterfingers, Sixlets, and beautiful Snowman and Christmas tree suckers and more! Finished with a glittering bows and glittering ribbon. Measures 14"x12". Price for this beautiful bouquet is at a reasonable price of only $25.00.

Have a very delicious Merry Christmas and a very beautiful New Year!

I can make just about any theme, including but not limited to, (football teams, cartoon characters, game characters, and animals.) I also make this for every holiday and all year long orders can be placed for birthdays. (: Like my facebook page to keep in contact, see upcoming deals and what's in season.

It's not about the moments you have in life, it's about making those memories that take your breath away.

I look forward to working with you to bring smiles to all your loved ones! Together we can make this gift giving that as effortless as eating a piece of candy!