Longleaf School of the Arts

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

What Makes Longleaf Unique..

As we continue to celebrate this school year, we will share what makes Longleaf a special place for teaching and learning. As a school, we believe in creating an inclusive environment for all students to be who they are and confident in what they believe. Staff and students recognize that our community flourishes and grows from inquisitive natures, and respecting varying perspectives. LSA understands that creating a culture of acceptance and openness is the foundation to inclusivity.

Our culture is built on our school mission, how we collaborate, and the ways that we engage in courageous conversations to learn from and about diverse backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. This inspires both staff and students to learn new things, speak openly, and be empowered to be able to share, debate, research, explore and think critically about the world around us.

It brings us together in ways that help us to boldly ask questions and lead in our school and our world. Our inclusive culture honors all voices, celebrating diverse ideas and promoting respect so we feel connected to our school, our community and each other.

Community Team Leader Interest Meeting

Our first meeting will be for parents/guardians who are interested in leading a LSA Community! We have an amazing group of LSA parents/guardians who volunteer each month to lead a regional LSA Community Team Meeting.

The interest meeting will take place next Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 5:30pm via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83831963676?pwd=Zm1iaGJtUHJUOTRqMHBGY1BycEFjUT09

Please join our current Community Team Leaders and Mrs. Williams to learn more information!

School Attendance

Attendance in all classes is mandatory by law and is the number one factor for school success. When at school, if a student feels they cannot attend class, they should go to Student Services or to Nurse Herbst for help. If a student needs to be picked up from school, they should call from Student Services or the Nurse's office and the front office will be notified. Students should not be texting with parents during the school day as this is a distraction from learning and does not foster independence. Parents, thank you for your partnership in helping us to best support your student's growth and education.

Reminder: SGA Class Representative - Submit Your Application!

Hello LSA student body! If you would like an opportunity to play an active role in your school community, please consider applying to be an SGA representative for your class! The Student Goverment Association hosts many of the school events that take place at LSA, including the Lock-In, Winter Dance, Candy Grams, Prom, Senior Carnival, and more. If you are interested in helping to build your school community, the SGA will be accepting applications from August 22nd to September 9th. Applicants must abide by the following criteria in order to be considered for membership:

- Letter of Recommendation from a non-family member

- Unweighted GPA of at least 2.5

- Filled-out Application Form: https://forms.gle/XV1oNV86Z3oGWYAp9

- If applying for 9th Grade Chair, fill out the additional questions at the bottom of the form.

Other officer positions will be selected based upon recorded interview and school vote.

If you have any questions regarding SGA or the application process, please email Mrs. Morice, Ms. Barkley, or Mr. Mercado for more information.

Parents and Guardians - Important Information

Social Institute

Dear Families,

We are excited to announce that our Longleaf School of the Arts has launched a partnership with The Social Institute (TSI), a national leader in curriculum designed to equip students to navigate the complex intersection of well-being, social media, and technology.

At a time when students spend many hours a day on digital devices, and cyberbullying and reputation-damaging posts run rampant, TSI equips students to make positive, healthy, and high-character choices that fuel their health, happiness, and future success. Our school will be adopting TSI’s comprehensive program, called #WinAtSocial, which promotes character, empathy, teamwork, and other important life skills.

Whether or not your child uses social media or a device of their own, we hope that you will consider how these free resources outlined below could be useful to your family.

To be clear, information offered through this partnership does not instruct anyone how to parent. Instead, these supplementary resources provide insight into social media, technology, and student experiences, offering family discussion prompts and informative resources that you can incorporate into family conversations as much or as little as you like.

How Your Family Can Participate:

  1. Continue the conversation at home: As students experience #WinAtSocial each month, Family Huddles may be emailed to you as a supplement to a lesson. These are completely optional to run as a family! You can find a quick link on our school’s website under PARENTS.

  1. Register your free account for the Parent Toolkit. Many families refer to this as the CliffsNotes of social media and technology! Go to the Toolkit, click Activate Account, and enter our school code: PARENT TOOLKIT SCHOOL CODE: 173d08E39CE128

Click here for more information on how The Social Institute supports families.

We are excited to be able to offer this important and timely education to our community!

Parent CANVAS Access

Dear Parents,

This year, LSA will be using Canvas as our Learning Management System. If you would like to view your child’s course information, you can access this in two ways.

  1. https://longleafschool.instructure.com/login/canvas

    Go to the website above. Click top right “Parent of Canvas User? Click Here For An Account.”

Parent Signup- requires a Student Pairing Code. (*see below)


2. Download the Canvas Parent App and follow the instructions above.

FINDING A PAIRING CODE: Your child can create an access code by following the directions below:

Go to Canvas-

  • ACCOUNT (far right at top)


  • PAIR WITH OBSERVER (bottom right of screen)

(A helpful resource: https://sites.google.com/carterk12.net/canvas/parent-resources/how-parents-use-canvas)

Interested in carpooling to LSA with other families?

Complete this Google Form to share your interest with others at LSA:

Carpool Survey

Contact information and a map of carpooling families will be shared with survey respondents throughout the summer and early fall.

For questions, contact Kelley McLaughlin:

Kelley McLaughlin (She / Her)

LSA Parent Volunteer for Carpool


(919) 656-6475

School Year Fees

Please do not forget to pay the 2022-2023 school year fees.

Student Fees should be paid at https://lsa-student-fees.cheddarup.com. Please see the website for forms and more information.

**Only Juniors and Seniors are permitted to go off campus for lunch and have a student parking permit.

Board Member - Search

Longleaf School of the Arts (LSA) is the first charter high school in Raleigh, NC that integrates academics with the fine and performing arts. We are a college preparatory school that prepares students for university rigor while allowing them to explore their creative and artistic side. Our Mission: Longleaf School of the Arts will develop students into confident, responsible, and successful contributors in college, career, and community through mentorship and a challenging curriculum that integrates academics and the fine arts. To achieve its mission, the LSA Board of Directors is responsible for providing governance, and oversight, ensuring compliance. Which in turns enables the growth and development of the school including excellence in academic performance, fiscal responsibility, managed growth, and clear leadership.

The LSA Board is currently recruiting new directors. We are particularly interested in volunteers with expertise in finance, law, arts, education, and/or management. It is a priority of the board to be well-balanced and to represent the diversity of our community. We encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to consider board membership. We welcome anyone who is interested in serving on the LSA Board to first attend at least one board meetings prior to submitting a letter of interest and resume. Board of Director Candidates will need to pass a background check and if selected for consideration, participate in an interview. Board members must commit to reviewing board materials and attend monthly board meetings, which are typically held the 4th Monday of each month. Board terms are at least 3 years.

Board meetings are posted on the LSA website. After attending at least one board meeting, please submit a resume and a letter of interest with email subject line BOARD OF DIRECTOR CANDIDATE to board@longleafschool.com.

LSA Substitutes - Wanted

We are looking for substitutes for the 2022-2023 school year! We pay $100 per day. Please complete the Longleaf School of the Arts background check for our records at https://www.criminalbios.com/. You will need to click on the first "Start Your Background Check" yellow tab. Once there, you will be asked to create an account. https://www.criminalbios.com/dashboard/register Please use the following Employer Code: Longleaf You also need to complete the application using the following link: https://forms.gle/KMxfDFLot476T8597

Longleaf School of the Arts

LSA Mission:

Longleaf School of the Arts will develop students into confident, responsible, and successful contributors in college, career, and community through mentorship and a challenging curriculum that integrates academics and the fine arts.

LSA Vision:

to create a safe, inclusive and respectful school community of authentic learners who pursue knowledge with a creative, thorough, and rigorous approach that creates quality work of the highest merit.