By. Patrick munoz

Leading up to war

In the war neither side wanted its enemy to trade with the united states.Great britian and the united states were also in conflict over the northwest territory

war with great britian begins

James madinson wanted peace but when the U.S. got attacked by british james wanted WAR

The war at sea

the U.S. tried several times to invade Canada but did not succeed. However the united states navy beat the British navy in important battles.

battles on land

In august 1814 British attacked Washington D.C. . The British bombarded fort McHenry during the night.

fighting for new orleans

U.S. and great Britian have been fighting for 2 YEARS. In this battle British had 2,000 deaths but the U.S. only had 71 deaths.


the treaty of ghent ended the war and simply returned things to the way they were.the war between France and britain ended in 1815.the U.S. stood up against the most powerful nation.