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Schoology Upgrades

Did you know that if you teach more than one section of your course you can link your courses together so that you only have to edit one course and it appears in all of them that you have linked.
1. Click on the "Courses" in the main menu
2. Click on "See All"
3. Under Current Courses you will see an area to the right that will say "link course"
4. You can link the courses that you teach together.

The other awesome feature is Portfolios.
Student can now keep electronic portfolios that follow them through their educational career here at MCSD. Writing portfolios, Art projects, Presentations, and more...
1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your Schoology page
2. Beneath the picture on the left hand side it says, "Portfolio"
3. Click on the "+" sign and begin making your first portfolio.

Upgrades to our gradebook are next...

The Qball - Student Engagement at its Finest

Teachers are constantly searching for fun ways to engage and interact with their students. As one teacher told us, Kids + Microphones = A Winning Combination, we couldn't agree more. Which is why we created the Qball, a throw-able wireless microphone. And that's just for starters, with just a webcam and the Qball system you can easily record your lesson and upload to the web for students to access while working on their homework. Check out the video below to see what it is all about.

Sign up to win one a Qball for your classroom here
Qball - The Wireless Mic You Can Pass, Drop, Throw, & Roll - Peeq


I love Smore Newsletters. They have a limited FREE version, so if you are looking for a professional look to communicate with parents, this is the site for you. Right now they have it on sale! Check it out here:


Have you checked out our Office 365?

If you haven't gone into our OFFICE 365 yet, you should. There are some pretty cool tools in there that you can use. One of them is SWAY! Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. Sway is an easy-to-use digital storytelling app for creating interactive reports.

Find Tutorials HERE
What is Sway - Microsoft Sway Tutorials

S'Cool Tools

Quizalize might be another fun option for you to test out with your students this coming year. You can generate your own quizzes or pick one from the Quizalize Marketplace, and then track student progress with instant assessments for personalized learning on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. One caveat—the tool is only browser-based at the moment. This site may also be a little more user friendly for Math Departments...they have a MATH mode :)

Music teachers and lovers, are you listening? We’ve got an app just for you. BandBlast from contains 350+ videos from musicians, musical theory mini-games, and a built-in recorder to help you learn the basics of music and sight-reading. Available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, it’ll get you strumming along--and perhaps picking up some mathematically-minded skills along the way.

courtesy of EDSURGE.COM