The Counselor Corner


Pennies for Patients


February 15-19

To start our P4P Week, we will have a kick-off pep rally Monday at 1:30 p.m. Wear as much GREEN and ORANGE as you can to show your support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

TEACHERS: Pay $10 and you can wear jeans all week. Turn this money into one of the counselors and we will include it in your class total.

Once you have collected money during homeroom, please bring your bucket up so we can count. The Pennies spirit stick will be passed around daily to the class with the leading amount.

TUESDAY: We are paying to stick Ms. Smith and Ms. Mullins to the wall.

We need more teachers to tape...any takers in 6th or 7th grade??

WEDNESDAY: Students can pay to have their picture taken at our photo booth. $1 for one picture. Students can pick up their photos on Thursday during lunch.

WEDNESDAY WILL ALSO BE PENNY WARS DAY....this means students can go into other classrooms and put money in your class bucket. COINS HELP, DOLLARS HURT.

For example, Ms. Godfrey's students would put dollar bills in Mr. Stone's bucket to put him in the negative. His class would try to recover by putting coins in their own bucket.

THURSDAY: We will have our first Mr. Ugly Legs Contest. Many male staff members will compete for the title of ugliest legs. The lucky winner who brings in the most money will sport a tutu and show off his legs on Friday. $1 for a vote.

FRIDAY: We will have our Fireball Tournament. The final round will take place after lunch followed by the winning team vs staff.

The homeroom with the most money will receive the spirit stick and Olive Garden for lunch!

We are excited to have some extra special incentives this year...

If we reach $3,000, Mr. Conner will shave his mustache (we can't picture that either)! If we meet our goal, Ms. Farbo will dress up in a hotdog costume. A couple lucky students will be selected to top our human hotdog with ketchup and mustard. Mmmmm!

Group Counseling Student Recommendation Form

Please complete this short form for any students you would like to recommend for a Conflict Management group (girls) or Grief/Loss group.

High School Registration Information

8th grade teachers have received information on making recommendations for high school courses. Please try to have this completed by Friday. // The Highland application is available online. The Gaston Early College application is available in the counselor office. If students have questions, let us know.

The wee of March 7, we want to have an 8th grade Disorientation Week. If you have any suggestions on how we can help better prepare our rising 9th graders, please let us know!

Do the Right Thing Nomination Form

FEBRUARY NOMINATIONS ARE DUE BY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH. (Make a copy of the doc. Edit copy and email to Stephanie.)

Looking Ahead

MTSS Meetings-----------------------------------------------Feb. 4

GECHS Presentation @8:30------------------------------Feb. 8

ROTC from EGHS available at lunch------------------Feb. 11

Pennies for Patients Week-------------------------------Feb. 15-19

Staff Meeting after school--------------------------------Feb. 24

MTSS Meetings-----------------------------------------------Feb. 25

*If you have MTSS-related questions, please ask!!*

Blue Devils Shout Outs

Thank you to Ms. Ballard for getting the AR trip together. -Beam

Thank you Lori (and her Tim) for ice/snow removal on Sunday. -Conner

Shout out to Ms. Pina. She does a lot and it goes unrecognized a majority of the time. -Martinez

Shout out to all the 8th grade teachers and Mrs. Hasper and administration for all the support they have given me. -Harvey

Shout out to the Math/LA teachers for using Compass Learning. -Conner

Shout out to all teachers in that I'm seeing a lot of use of technology in classrooms - great job!!! -Conner

Shout out to Ms. Hersey for always making me laugh so hard I cry. -Beam

Thank you Lori for always being thoughtful and for working hard to make sure our school is clean and safe. -Davis

Thanks to our counselors for all they do!! Happy Counselors Week - February 1 - 5. -Conner