BSE Homegrown

May 23-27 and May 31-June 3

Planting the Seeds of 16-17

Well after the announcement on Friday, I hope that you are all excited about our visit in October. We are going to begin our work with Ron Clark slowly.

HIs book the Essential 55 starts with basic, respectful mannerism. These are mannerisms that many of us have had a conversation about know that we feel are being lost. For example, rule 2, making eye contact with the speaker. One thing that you will notice at the academy is that the students KNOW the essentials and put them into practice each day, but another thing that you will notice IS THAT THEY ARE MODELED FOR THEM!

So let's begin.....I think you will enjoy this book!

Weekly Events

Monday, May 23

  • 2nd Grade Awards Day (8:30)
  • Summer Learning Packets go home

Tuesday, May 24

  • 1st Grade Awards Day (8:30)
  • Reception to meet new Assistant Principal, Danielle Hamrick (3:00)

Wednesday, May 25

  • PAWS Celebration (bring socks)
  • Puppy Patrol Celebration
  • Interviews

Thursday, May 26

  • Last Full Day
  • Last Day of 4K

Friday, May 27

  • Half Day (dismissal at 11:00)
  • No related arts
  • Lunch will be on your own
  • 4K meeting at Oakland

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 31

  • Half Day (dismissal at 11:00)
  • No Related Arts
  • Check Out (we will call you, please do not come ahead of time)

Wednesday, June 1

  • Pack up and moving day
  • Get ready for Tech in Two
  • End of the Year Luncheon at Glen Lake Club House (please car pool) 12:00

Need to Know News


It is that time....students are ready for summer....teachers are ready. Please keep students engaged every second of the day. If you have a situation, please write it up. Do not bring a student to the office to drop off, especially if you have not contacted an administrator. I wanted to remind you of this b/c with award's days coming up, IEP meetings, and other end of they year task; admin may not be in the office. You are welcome to write it up and we will come down to get the student as soon as possible. If it is serious issue and call over the walkie.

PAWS Celebration

Please be mindful of supervision on this day. We need to be moving around and supervising students. It does not look good to our volunteers if we are sitting or gathered together talking. We need to be actively supervising. Please note, we will not have recess. This will count as recess for students.



9:10-9:40-4K and Owen

9:45-10:30-1st Grade

10:35-11:20-2nd Grade

11:35-12:05-4K, Owen and Brewer

12:35-1:20-3rd Grade

16-17 Theme

Setting Sail on a Learning Adventure

Due this Week

300 and 400 Hall

-Please remember to leave your bulletin boards up and looking nice, especially outside the classroom for Tech in Two. Inside your room, please do not leave faded paper on your boards. Remember we are hosting for the district and we want to represent them well.

-Your classrooms should be left presentable.

-All boxes need to be labeled and we will begin moving them to the gym on Thursday and Friday. One side will be for Shoally Creek and the other side for BSE.


Lunch Menus will now be digital. Parents are able to download an app that will allow them to check daily menus. The app is titled NurtiSlice. Parents will search for Spartanburg District Two. They will have the option to choose elementary, middle, or high school. Once you have selected the school, parents will be able to view the breakfast or lunch menu.

Parents are also able to pay their lunch bill online. I have include a link below titled "Pay your Lunch Bill" below.

Upcoming Events


1-Teacher Work Day, End of the year luncheon

Birthday Wishes Go Out to......


1-Jana Curry

8-Debbie Ballenger

20-Darlene McMillian

26-Rosalyn Graham and Suzanne Quinn

30-Laura Galloway

A Day in the Life @ BSE

Remind 101 for Teachers

PLEASE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXT! To receive faculty and staff reminders, please text @bseste to 1-443-345-1126