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Message from Mr. Lanier

Tiger Nation,

We are taking time to celebrate our great teachers and staff this week. Please join us in thanking them for their tireless work; their creativity; their love and support; and most of all for showing up for our students everyday. They make a difference in our students' lives and we are lucky to have them!!

Have a great weekend!!

Tiger Up,

Mr. Lanier

Important Dates

May 10: 5:00 p.m. Military Signing Day.

May 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m.: Mandatory graduation rehearsal at World Harvest Church.

May 19: Last day for seniors. Senior breakfast, 8:15 a.m., and Senior walk, 10 a.m., on Opportunity Way. Underclassmen will sit in the stands of the new stadium. Parents/families are welcome to line Opportunity Way to congratulate the seniors. Seniors will walk the length of Opportunity Way from the stadium to the LT lot. Seniors are dismissed at 10:30 a.m. on the 19th.

May 20, Noon: Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony at World Harvest Church.

May 24: Last day for Underclassmen. Early dismissal for high school students (12:55 p.m.).

Bring Change to Mind Club Plans May Activities to Promote a Positive Mindset

May mental health month

  1. Infographics we are going to do for the month: self diagnoses, African American mental health, and bullying when it comes to mental health disorders, stress of finals week, how to cope if you are a senior graduation and going off to college

  2. Week of May 8th-14th: Wear a certain color to school

    1. Monday: blue, mental health topic: anxiety, blue soothes anxiety

    2. Tuesday: yellow: mental health topic: yellow is a happy and fun color, so the infographic is going to be about how mental health doesn’t have to be bad all the time, it can be about happy emotions

    3. Wednesday: Green: is the color for bipolar depression and depression(it can help with it too)

    4. Thursday: pink: is the color that signifies vulnerability so the infographic would be about mental health and vulnerability

    5. Friday: purple: stands for suicide prevention: infographic: finding your trusted adults to go to if you feel like you are going to hurt someone or yourself

  3. 15th-22nd: venting trash can where you put anything in there (in the press pause lab): and if you do you can get a free mental health goodie

  4. LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL: a cart will be set up in the lunch room with resources and posters about dealing with body image during the summer, separation from friends, and dealing with summer in general

Counselor Corner

PHSC Counseling Office Weekly Update 5/5/2023

Senior Graduation Survey

Attention Seniors!

We need you to complete the Senior graduation Exit Survey. This survey can be located in your Naviance Account. Go to About Me, My Stuff, Surveys, and Surveys not Completed. This is very important as it allows us to send your final transcripts to your colleges, military, or employers. We also need you to report all scholarships that you have been offered for the entire 4 years of college. This information will also be used to provide information for graduation ceremonies. This is a required survey! Please complete this survey no later than May 5th.

Final Transcripts

Seniors wishing to have their final transcripts sent to the college they are planning to attend in the fall, will need to complete the Senior Graduation Survey (above) to have their transcripts sent. Many colleges will send multiple emails requesting these final transcripts from now until when they receive them. Please know that our registrar will send these transcripts as soon as they are complete with all final grades, which will most likely be in mid June. If Seniors do not list the correct college for the transcript to be sent to in the graduation survey,, or if they change their mind over the summer, they will need to contact Hilary Snelling at hilary_snelling@plsd.us.

Honor’s Diploma’s

Any Senior who is planning to earn the arts, social science or STEM Honors Diploma and has not yet submitted their portfolios or documentation of field experiences need to send these to their school counselor by April 24th. (This does NOT include the STEM diplomas associated with Mr. Harris’s class) Students and parents should review the criteria prior to submitting materials. Students expecting to receive the Academic Honors Diploma will be identified by the school counselors by looking at the student’s transcripts.. A list will be posted by 4/28 for Seniors to review. Please note that students must meet ALL BUT 1 OF THE LISTED CRITERIA FOR EACH TYPE OF HONORS DIPLOMA AND THAT STUDENTS MAY ONLY EARN 1 HONORS DIPLOMA.

Summer School

Any students with the quarter grade of a D or F in a core academic class (Math, Science, Social Studies or English) were sent summer school information this week. Students who received the letter should double check with their teachers to determine what they need to do to pass their classes. Students who earn credit in the classes with at least a D- average will not have to attend summer school.

Summer Experiences!

Summer is a great time for students to discover career interests, college opportunities or learn new skills. Each spring we create a list of summer opportunities for our students and encourage them to participate! Whether it be a summer camp, part time job, internship, job shadowing, or summer classes or college campus opportunities, it will be a great learning experience and will look pretty good on a college or job resume as well! We will keep adding to this list as we become aware of more summer events.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

The Free Application For Student Aid, is the most important thing Seniors can do to get money for college. Seniors can also start searching for and completing scholarship applications. Here is a list of the scholarships our high schools have put together to help students locate scholarship opportunities . Applying is the only way to receive free money for college! Many deadlines are impending!

2023 AP Exam Information

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam will be held during the weeks of May 1 through May 12. AP exams are available for students who complete AP courses. Successful completion of an AP exam can award potential college credit. In some cases, AP exams are also used as an alternative to graduation testing requirements. Students and families interested in college credit should consult with their college of choice to determine the exam score needed to earn college credit.


The 2023 AP exams will be administered over two weeks between May 1-5 and May 8-12 with the exception of AP Art. All AP Art portfolios are to be submitted no later than May 5. AP Art portfolios will submitted through their AP Art classes. Alternative late testing will not be permitted in most cases with the exception of a medical emergency which includes mandated quarantine, a conflict with a school-sanctioned event, or two AP exams being scheduled at the same time.

Here is a current AP Exam schedule provided by the CollegeBoard: 2023 AP Exam Schedule


The following is the exam schedule for the 2023 AP Testing Season. Please note that students must arrive 30 minutes prior to the testing start date. Once the exam has begun, late admissions will not be permitted.

Please keep in mind that some AP exams may end after the school day has finished. Some of our 12:00 pm exams may not finish until 3:30pm or after; Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism starts at 2:00 pm and may not be completed until 5-6:00 pm. As such, afternoon AP exam participants should coordinate transportation with their families as students cannot leave an exam early to catch the bus if the exam has not ended.

Please come with plenty of pencils, erasers, and the correct calculator (if applicable).

May 5: AP 3D, 2D, and Drawing physical portfolio construction

2023 AP Exam Schedule


Room assignments will be released the week of Apr 24, 2023.


Any AP Exam questions can be directed to PHSC AP Coordinator Chris Peirano at chris_peirano@plsd.us or 614-548-1815.

Seeing your School Counselor

Students may request an appointment to see their school counselor, using the same form linked above, for a variety of reasons including:

•Struggling academically, socially or emotionally


•Career and College Counseling

•Conflict resolution

•Any general concerns

Mrs. Dashner (A-Co)

Ms. Perez (Cr-Ha)

Miss Hoffman (He-Me)

Mr. Peirano (Mi-Sh)

Mrs. Brunner (Si-Z)

Please join the School Counselor’s Google Classrooms

The Counseling office will be keeping you informed of important information regarding your future plans and events and deadlines that the School Counselors work with. If you have not already done so, please join our google classrooms to stay informed:

Class of 2023 xyut5ur

Class of 2024 ss7fbpv

Class of 2025 wo4rnz6

Class of 2026 rugnepm

Here are the counseling department assignments and emails for the 2022-23 school year:

Hillary_Snelling@plsd.us Registrar
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Yearbook Reminder

2023 Yearbooks will be available for pick-up during Tiger Time on May 15th. We only have 50 copies left to order, so be sure to get yours before book pickup day.

You may be wondering about the Spring Sports and events. Those will be coming to you this summer. Just be sure to click the QR code at the back of the book to have your spring pages sent to a preferred address. If you do not use the code by the last day of school, they will need to be picked up at the school in the fall. There is no charge for the shipment home.

You can order your books at www.yearbookforever.com.

Michelle Jago

Pickerington High School Central

Yearbook Advisor

English 9

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Senior HUB.

Class of 2023...make sure you bookmark the link to the Senior HUB. It contains links to the important information that you will need to make your senior year run smoothly. Make sure you keep in contact with your school counselor if you have any questions about your credits, graduation status, and post high school plans.

Graduation Tickets are Available Starting May 1

Graduation tickets will be available starting at 7 a.m. Monday, May 1. Each graduate will receive up to 8 tickets to share with their families who wish to attend the event. Please click here to access the PHSC Box Office ticket site. Your student's ID# (lunch code) is the passcode to access the tickets. Please be careful to follow the instructions on the site as the student ID# can ONLY be used once.

PHSC's graduation ceremony is Noon, May 20, at World Harvest Church located on Gender Rd. Look for more details about the ceremony to be sent home as we get closer to the date.

Cap and Gown Ordering Links

Herff Jones is our official Graduation provider. If you have any questions or need help ordering, please call them at 740-357-2160." It's not too late to order your cap and gown...all orders placed now will be delivered directly to the home address.

Link: https://highschool.herffjones.com/secom/school/OH/Pickerington%2BCentral/34005385000/1039/home?gradYear=2023

Grad Video: https://herffjones.wistia.com/medias/7mzombw9f9

Ring Video: https://herffjones.wistia.com/medias/4wsct41gsc


If you have a cap and gown and/or Distinguished Scholar cords in the office, please pick them up ASAP. Hall passes were sent out. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Melton.

Also, ALL senior fees must be paid in FULL or arrangements must be in place to pay the fee in order for students to participate in the graduation ceremony and receive their diplomas. Please contact Mrs. Stone in the main office to make payments or if you have any questions.

2023 Senior Timeline: Keep checking this document as it is updated consistently

Seniors and families of seniors!! The 2nd semester of a student's graduation year is always full of a lot of fun and exciting events. The time will also go by very quickly. We have put together a senior timeline of events so that students and families can plan ahead. Please know that dates/times/etc. are subject to change.

Let's have a great final semester with the Class of 2023!!

Important Announcement from Food Services

If your student has a negative balance in their food service account, please pay it off before the end of the school year. You can send cash, a check made payable to "PLSD Food Service" with your student to school, or pay online at mypaymentsplus.com. If you need assistance with My Payments Plus you can reach their parent helpline at 877-237-0946.

Questions? Please call the food service office at 614-833-3645.

Athletics Corner

Welcome Back Tigers

Season tickets are now on sale for all Athletic Games. You can find ticket sales through the Central HS Box Office @

Pickerington Central High School Box Office

Tiger Club Passes for PHSC Students $53.00 - All Home Games All Seasons


Thank you for supporting the Pickerington Central Tigers by making a reserved season pass purchase! Like last year, season passes will be available in the form of digital passes (PDF via email or mobile app). We continue to prepare for the 2022 Tiger Athletic Season and truly appreciate your loyal support of Pickerington Athletics!


  • Visit our Official Ticketing Page
  • Choose Get Passes for 2022-2023 Season Pass.
  • Under the event name & pricing, select Have a passcode?
  • Enter your passcode (insert PHSCTigers), then Apply.
  • Select the seats you would like to purchase
  • Review your order by confirming your seat locations or remove any you don't wish to purchase.
  • Click "Check Out" to continue.

Year passes are also available at this time (Championship Club, Conference Club, and Tiger Club).




Tiger Tea: Student News Site

A new Tiger Team Room edition has been published this week! The 7th Edition topics include the 2023 MLB Rule Changes, the Addams Family Production, and an interview with art teacher, Mr. Young. Check it out on the Tiger Tea website found through Classlink or clicking this link.

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Athletic Teams Host Fundraisers and Camps

Mods Pizza - Soccer on 5/11/23

Upcoming Camps:

Girls Volleyball Youth Camp June 12-15

Little Tigers Football Camp July 17-19

Tiger Parent Hub

The attached pdf contains links to important school resources. Keep this handy throughout the year for quick access.

Immunization Notice to the Class of 2024.

Please review the pdf below for important immunization information for the Class of 2024. Failure to complete this process will prevent students from attending school.
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PHSC Administrators and School Counselors

Administrators: Tom Lanier, Principal

  • A-D - Heather Tinsley, Assistant Principal

  • E-K - Tom Lombardi, Assistant Principal

  • L-Ri - Roshawn Parker, Lead Assistant Principal

  • Ro-Z - Ryan Wells, Assistant Principal


  • A-Co - Jennifer Dashner

  • Cr-Ha - Maria Perez

  • He-Me - Ashlee Hoffman

  • Mi-Sh - Chris Peirano

  • Si-Z - Julie Brunner

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Pickerington High School Central

300 Opportunity Way

Pickerington, Ohio 43147