Teacher Grading Process - Frontline

Understanding the Grading Process

Teachers MUST follow these Grading Process Steps during all Progress and Report Card periods!

Grading Process Steps:

  1. Teachers enter grades for Assignments with Dates within the Grading Window.
  2. Teachers POST within the Grading Window.
  3. Teacher FINALIZES grades. This is an electronic signature stating that the teacher has checked their grades and approves the grade submission.

Examples of scenarios/issues when the Grading Window closes at 10:00am:

  1. Prior to 10:00 am, grades are entered but not Posted by the teacher. Grades will be blank.

  2. After 10:00 am, grades are entered but CANNOT be Posted by the teacher because the grading Window is closed. Grades will be blank.

  3. After 10:00 am, grades are entered and Posted by the teacher, but NOT Finalized. Grades will show.

  4. Prior to 10:00 am, grades are entered and Posted but show as NG. Assignments are created with a category that is NOT setup correctly or the date falls OUTside the grading window.

  5. A teacher cannot REPOST grades while the window is open, AFTER grades have been Finalized.

  6. If grades are manipulated after the Window is closed, they will NOT be updated on the Progress Report or Report card.

  7. If Assignments are dated after the Window date, the grade will NOT be included in the average.

  8. The grading window is open and grades have been Posted but NOT finalized. If grades, or a setting in the gradebook has been updated that changes the Avg grade, then the Progess Report or Report Card grades will NOT update unless the teachers REPOSTS.