Kodu vs Scratch



Kodu is a visual program just like scratch is. It is suitable for both kids and adult. It let's you create your own game, make terrains and customize the settings of the character. There are a lot of characters in Kodu which you can program such as Kodu, flying saucer, canon and cycle all these are character which you can program to do a lot of things.


Scratch is also a visual program just like kodu, it let's you create your just as you want it. It is more of a kids game than it is for an adult. Scratch let's you customize your characters, programming it to do a lot of things and a lot of actions as well. However it doesn't let you make terrains like kodu does. There are some few characters in Scratch such as: Scratch himself, flying Gobo, Nana and Giga. Another thing about Scratch is that it let's you share your work with the community and people might comment on it and they might also like it
Scratch Overview
Kodu Game Lab Video

Reviews of both softwares

Scratch: By Monika Arora

Online English and Biology Teacher

September 12, 2012

Scratch is a great way to tell a story, esp. to students up to Grade 6th. It is a very easy tool that helps you create your own animations and games.

Kodu: Kid, 9 years old

December 8, 2013

age 2+


Great game, when you learn how to do it, it is so easy.

My opinion

In my opinion i prefer Kodu because it's really easy to learn and it is enjoyable. I also prefer it because there are so many more options like making your own world.