Helping Furry Friends

By Jack Helle 5K

Help the SPCA have enough food and treats for dogs.

I love dogs so I decided to go to stores and asked for the manager, and then they gave me food donations to help the SPCA. Then I set up a fundraising table at PetValu and sat there describing what I was doing from 10am-4pm. When people came to wash their dog for $10, PetValue agreed to donate all proceeds to my project to help the SPCA. I would give dog treats and shampoo to customers who came to wash their dog and then collect the money. At the end of the day, I had about $700 worth of dog food that I raised. I would really like to thank PetValu for its help and generous contributions! I'd also like to thank Bryn Mawr Vet, which also helped with donations.

My quote for this project and feeling at the end of this were: If you want to help you can do a lot or a little and no matter what just know you did a great thing. I felt very happy because I just love helping dogs. I was also surprised and thankful when I saw my classmates as they came by PetValu and made contributions. I am very thankful that people donated and helped me help give dogs some food in their belly.

If you would like to help dogs, contact you local SPCA and make a donation.

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