Beautiful Historical Castle

Asking Price: $666,000

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History of the previous owners

The Usher's were a prestigious family who lived in this beautiful home for generations after generations. They eventually grew smaller until there was only Madeleine and Roderick Usher who lived in the house. These fine souls unfortunately perished, but they left this house in excellent condition, ready for a new owner just like you.

Exterior Features

This picturesque castle has a stunning water feature: it is surrounded by a splendid moat. This asset, combined with traditional gothic architecture creates a mystical effect. This exterior does have some minor cracks, but this only adds to the authentic quality of this historical beauty! it is perfect for someone looking for luxury with a dramatic flair. It would be hard to duplicate this one-of-a-kind gem, plus the 100 acres it stands on.

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Interior Features

This house has gothic style interior design, beautifully crafted wood and stone features, and many artworks left over from the Ushers. As the house has not been lived in recently, it is the perfect canvas for that new owner who is burning to get creative with refurbishing the interior. A vibrant imagination will make this castle a home.

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The property is one of the best parts of this deal. It is 100 acres big, with two ponds not including the moat surrounding the house, an area ready for the planting of an orchard, and a perfect site for a guest cabin to be built. It is like having your own personal park in your back yard for your kids to play in or for you to go on long walks.


This house is very old and has experienced some wear and tear. There is a large crack running down the side of the wall, there is a large amount of dust and mildew, and the structural soundness is contestable. There is also the chance that it is haunted, as the previous residents became mentally and physically ill after living there and eventually died. This may have been from the Usher's unique family tree, however, the house may have influenced their spiral to insanity.