Canada & U.S.A

By: Addie Anaya

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Since Canada and U.S.A are allies they are two of the most biggest countries in the world, they are friendly neighbor states and they share a large border. Also they both share of the most amazing water fall which is Niagara Falls. They are also one of the largest trading partners. They make the vast majority of the North American continent, Canada has a slightly bigger territory, although the U.S has slightly more land. Both of the countries have oriented- economies,Canada is generally forced to follow American monetary policy quite closely, any large difference in interest rates could quickly lead to large problems for the Canadian economy. Canada's nationhood was in many ways a by-product of the American Revolution, when the victory of the Thirteen colonies led to the exodus of Loyalist Americans to British North America. Many brought with them the steep distrust of the United states and its political system.Canada and the United states have one of the world largest investment relationship. The unites states is Canada's largest foreign investor in the United States. U.S. investments is primarily in Canada's minning and smelting industries.


USA publicly spends 1.8% or more on programs like Social Security. Canada only spends 1.5% more as a % of GDP than the USA. In fact, the USA spends more on the military, research and development, social security.for the US, revenues exclude social contributions of approximately $1.0 trillion; expenditures exclude social benefits of approximately $2.3 trillion (2013 est.)Taxes and other revenues excludes contributions for social security and other programs; if social contributions were added, taxes and other revenues would amount to approximately 22% of GDP (2013 est.
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Freedom of the Press Rating Based on Freedom House's analysis of each country's: legal, political and economic environments. Canada and the USA; that being the national health policies. While the USA can vaunt an abundance of advanced technologies, drug research and cutting-edge procedures, Canada's national health policy is clearly more egalitarian(asserting). Canada may not provide the absolute best care possible, like the USA, but it does deliver quality health care to all citizens irregardless of income.


The global economy is headed for stronger growth this year with world GDP

likely to expand at a 3.7% pace in 2014 and 3.9% rate in 2015. As a result, in 2014 in the soon to come economies will likely be limited with the advanced economies expected to slide into the driver's seat and act as the main source of the pickup in global growth in 2014.

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