Weekly Newsletter

Welcome September!

Our 4 Bees!

This week we finished our Bee-havior Wall!

We adapted our 4 Bees and made them work for our classroom. Check out what we came up with!

The Name Game!

Every morning each child switches his/her name from the "Home" column to the "School" column. In the beginning it was a challenging task! Now, after a couple of weeks of practice we see our kids excelling in this activity. Proud teachers say me...ME!

So we are taking it to the next level: tracing!

Tracing our names was so much fun! We had multiple opportunities to practice with different tracing activities in different centers.

By the end of the year we will be experts for sure!

Check it out!

Artists Everywhere!

Our art center is getting lots of attention! Kids have discovered the magic of creating with paint. We have our center open everyday and present them with lots of opportunities to explore.

Take a look at some of their art work.

Where does it belong?

In our small group activity we played "Can you find it?". We divided into 2 groups and followed clues in order to find things in our classroom. It was so much fun that we decided to switch it around.

We ended up playing "Where does it belong?" as a whole group.

Ms. Jasury and Ms. Dani took a bunch of stuff from our classroom and placed them on our rug. Each child has to chose one thing and put it back where it belonged.

It sound easier than it actually is! You can try it at home and see!

Two Magic Hands

Our hands are magical things. There's so many things we can do with our hands! We played instruments while marching like a band; we wrote our names and colored; we built amazing things with blocks; we played echo clapping; and so much more!

Helping Hands!

This was a special week...we had 2 incredible helping hands in our classroom.

Ignacio's mom (Rita, but we all know after having kids you are "somebody's mom") came into our classroom and helped us make Modeling Clay.

It was a blast!

We divided into 3 groups and made clay from scratch. We mixed, measured and poured ingredients, and decorated the clay with glitter.

Thanx Ms. Rita, you were great!

Getting to know our Library

On Tuesdays we visited the Library. It was our 2nd visit and we are now learning all the fun we can have in it. We practiced walking in a line, using our quiet voices, and how to take care of book!

The mouse went up the clock

Hickory Dickory Dock allowed us to learn so many things! It was a blast!

We discussed time, numbers, schedules and mice. We had many brilliant ideas for how to use a clock.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the activities related to this theme:

  • We practiced the rhyme using props
  • We used pattern blocks to build numbers from 1 -5
  • We talked about our schedule and kept track of our day
  • We played with a timer in Discovery
  • We used a countdown timer to see if we could stand on one foot for 15 seconds

So many things...one short rhyme!

This are our mice

And yes, we did more with that rhyme! Take a look at our mice created with shapes, markers and pipe cleaners...


Creative things happen all the time in our classroom!

Shout Out!

Encouraging children to observe patterns is an important, pre-math skill that helps them make sense of what they see, hear and learn. Here you can see Gus follow a pattern in our Toys and Games Center. A-MA-ZING!
Big image

Keeping our classroom healthy!

Please remember that children should not be at school if they are unwell or recovering from any illness. If a child is unwell we advise they should remain at home to rest and recover. We would recommend children be fever free, or free from stomach sickness or similar illness before returning to school. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our classroom happy and healthy for your child to enjoy.


  • Healthy Choices is the way to go!
  • Utensils for snack and lunch
  • Please let us know if there are any changes in your child's transportation

Healthy Choice of the Week!

I LOVE this recipe!

Nutrition Talk Invite

Nutritionist Talk: Please remember we have a meeting with the nutritionist scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th at 9:30AM. More information is at the end of the Dolphin Dispatch.