This Week in K3!

April 12th-15th, 2016 (Ms. Braham & Ms. Schepmyer)🌿☺️

Math & Literacy

Here are a FEW of the things we will be doing this week. In Kindergarten we do not have actual concrete lessons that are planned beforehand. This is because we are a play-based, inquiry-based program so our planned activities on any given day can easily change based on the interests of the children. For example, they might discover an ant crawling on the floor and then start asking us questions or wanting to measure how far it travels. Or we might be on a nature walk and they want to stay longer because they want to explore even more. So here are a few of the things we have planned this week (also, every day we read a story to the whole class and afterwards the children tell us what happened at the BEGINNING of the story, in the MIDDLE, and at the END). We also have a sign-in question (Question-of-the-Day) where children get their name cards and place it under whichever side applies to them. For example the question might be "Do you like pizza?". There's a "YES" side and a "NO" side. Children place their name card under whichever side applies to them. At the end we discuss which side has more, which has less, and children make any other observations they see. Lots of math language happening every day (More, Less, Bigger, Smaller, The Same,.....).


We will continue with measurement. Each child will make their own "My Measurement Book". They will get to choose objects from a pile that they'd like to measure (see photos below).

We will also be meeting with children in small groups to read the picture book "At School". This is from a math kit for Kindergarten students where the stories are about math topics (e.g., shapes, measurement, addition, etc.). The "At School" book is about measurement. This is a great way to combine literacy and math together. See photos below for more on this book.


See above ("At School" small groups).

We always have a writing centre by our interactive word wall (magnetic white board at child level with many words that the children can use when writing). We have various types of paper, markers, pencil crayons, pencils, etc for the children to use. Children can write about whatever they'd like. It is a very popular centre. Some children draw pictures for their family/friends and add words to it.

We will be meeting with children in small groups to work on their "My Word Family" book (see photos below). We will be doing this for the next couple of weeks. This is a great way to learn how to sound out words since they are small words (3-letter words).

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See Saw app

We are very pleased that almost all parents are following their child's activities using the (free) See Saw app. If you haven't subscribed yet, you're missing out on seeing your child actively engaged at school. We also post announcements on See Saw. We also have some parents who HAVE subscribed to See Saw but rarely check their child's photos/videos. Please try to check once per week. A big thank-you to the parents who check See Saw regularly AND add comments. ☺️