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Wilmer Elementary December 2014

Text Complexity is the New Black

The Common Core State Standards define text complexity as three interrelated components: Qualitative dimensions, Quantitative dimensions, and Reader and Task considerations.

Qualitative Dimensions: Refer to those aspects of text complexity measure by an attentive reader, such as levels of meaning or purpose; structure; or clarity.

Quantitative Dimensions: Refer to word length or frequency, sentence length, and text cohesion.

Reader and Task Considerations: Refers to variables specific to readers such as motivation, knowledge, experiences, and to particular tasks (such as purpose and the complexity of the task assigned).

** Text Complexity Raising Rigor in Reading Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Diane Lapp.**

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Text Complexity in the Classroom

In this 1:41 video Dr. Timothy Shanahan, a literacy expert, shares his advice on text complexity and its implications for the new rigorous classroom.
The Common Core State Standards: Complex Text and Its Implications in the Classroom

Class Spotlight: Mrs. Roberts 3rd Grade Class

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Mrs. Roberts' class, along with many others in our school, participated in the Bay Area Food Bank Food Drive. Her third grade class brought in the most canned goods and non-perishable food items for the food bank!! They were rewarded for their hard work with a field trip to the Mobile Museum of Art and University of South Alabama's Archaeology Museum.


Rigor and How It Relates to Text Complexity

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 8:30am

7456 Wilmer Georgetown Rd

Wilmer, AL

Our professional development this month will focus in on rigor and how it relates to text complexity. You will need your curriculum binder for this meeting.

PST/ Data Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 8:30am

7456 Wilmer Georgetown Rd

Wilmer, AL

Please bring all necessary documentation for PST. Bring a copy of your item analysis for DCA 2.2.

DCA 2.2 Item Analysis Due

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 8:30am

7456 Wilmer Georgetown Rd

Wilmer, AL

Bring a copy of your DCA 2.2 item analysis to our PST/Data meeting for us to analyze.

STAR EARLY & STAR Progress Monitoring Forms- ALL Grades

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 3pm

This is an online event.

All STAR EARLY and STAR Progress Monitoring forms must be filled out and returned to me by 3:00 December 18th. You can fill them out and email them back to me.


My job is to support your work. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Email: acatlett@mcpss.com

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