Hi , my name Urooba . I am 10 years old

My favourite colour

I like purple, black, blue, and neon colours

My favourite food

My favourite foods are noodle, pizza, cupcakes, cakes, ice cream , and mangoes

My favourite movie and book series

Some of my favourite movies are Catching Fire, World war 2, Frozen.

Some of my favourite books are the Hunger Games, Divergent, Big nate

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer 2013 - Official [HD]

My favourite subjects





My favourite places to visit

: Marineland

: Wonderland

: Playdium

: Movie Theater

My dream vacation

My dream vacation would be a going on a cruise with cousin and friends. My sisters would not be there.We would go to Hawaii in a boat. On the boat it will be only us. We would have unlimited cupcakes and every type of cake. We would shop until we drop. \We would live in a beach house