By: Ryan Serafini

Marketing Firm Project


The services they offer are consulting solutions with innovation and subscription services like monitoring health and wellness of the U.S. Although they have different kinds of research their most specialized would be Global Monitoring of important markets. They have information for consumer business owners that will explain to them how they will help them out for future growth, which is all explained in there online video.

Nielson A.C.

On there website they have all of the information about consumers. They provide a service that show you worldwide trends and habits. They specialize with social media, television, phone services, and computers. They show the ones that are the most popular.

J.D. Power and Associates

They help company's with social media insights, mystery shopping, and sustainability of the market. J.D. offers many career opportunities through there Auto Mentoring Program, as financial planners, and just being innovators that want to help change the lives of people around the world. I would say that there main focus on marketing research would be in the automotive industry.