Charlie Sheen

Illegal drug use


Charlie Sheen, growing up in a family that strongly encouraged acting, landed his first role at the age of 9 on a television show that starred his father. In his teen years he was still very interested and passionate about becoming a famous actor and continued to make appearances on multiple shows, still not obtaining a star role. Charlie had two major interests growing up, baseball and acting. While still in high school he let these take over his academic career and dropped out only weeks before his graduation.


Although Charlie did not finish high school he still managed to become a remarkable actor, starring in Platoon, Red Dawn, Major League, and the well known Two and a Half Men. He has won five acting awards and has been nominated a total of 16 times for awards pertaining to his films.

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Drugs and Charlie

Charlie first started using illegal substances at the age 16 and was expelled from high school. He abused marijuana and cocaine along with being an alcoholic. Making a name for himself was easy doing crazy things like this, but there were also many consequences for his actions. Sheen was always on and off probation causing him to miss out on many childhood activities and to always keep in contact with his officer, many times he would party all night and not even remember what went on causing him to contract HIV due to his loss of values while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, went through multiple divorces, was arrested for his drug use and for assault on multiple occasions, and lastly suffered from depression due to the mistakes that he made in his life.


Today Charlie Sheen isn't starring in any films and has been fired from being on the show Two and a Half Men due to his personal problems with drugs and alcohol along with his difficulty to work with.

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