3 Innovations for Learning

Chapter 11 Cheryl Lemke

Visualization (seven principles related to multimedia)

Students learn best from combining visuals, text, and sound. Text and visuals that are integrated work best (graphic organizers). Spoken text works better with visuals than written text. Direct manipulation of information is needed in more complex classrooms. Any distracting/unnecessary noises, images, or text will have adverse impacts on low achievers.

New York Times Multimedia Page Great Example for Current Events

Teach students how to consume and interpret visuals (use of online creative commons images.)

Democratization of knowledge

Informed searching is key! Independent use of learning objects (Youtube, Slideshows, podcasts) should be encouraged to create lifelong learners. Simulations à kids like games-->there are free games online. Online classes, college, high school, free online units are available. Use the wealth of online resources to create, reuse, edit, remix material and information for your classroom.


How valuable are these skills for the 21st century American worker?

How much help do our students need in regard to these skills?

Which of the three innovations should be given priority, if any?

We are all educators...

We must find a common goal and achieve it as a nation.